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  1. Hello Friends I have a Jandy pool system and periodically run into an issue of the pumps not stopping. According to the status screen the pump is off however this is not the case. I've replaced the pump relay about 6 months ago and the pump is new. Is the relay suppose to be hot to the touch? How long should relays last? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for all the help. I ended up replacing the Check valve and the salt cell... All is working now!
  3. Thanks Pool Clown for the Reply SPA Issue The spa drained last night again. I took off the head of the check valve yesterday. The condition did not look that bad. I don't think its a check valve issue. I may replace it since it cheap. Pic's below Relay issue Both relay's were new. I'll check the amperage today Could a bad salt cell cause the relay problem if its going bad? I'm going to be replacing it soon. I keep it really clean pics below. 125-Cell needs to be cleaned or replaced. 194-Cell Current is 85% lower than desired and cell voltage above 19V (generates 125 code -Cell dirty or needs replacement). picture uploader
  4. Update... After more research I think the problem is the check valve. I'll be inspecting and maybe replacing mine today :-)
  5. Hello all! Pool equipment Jandy Aqualink RS6 Jandy Stealth pumps Long time reader 1st time poster. I have two issues with my pool and before I call the pool guy I want to make sure I’ve done all I can to resolve the issue on my own. 1st Issue – Pump stays on. When in auto mode or in service mode the pool pump stays on until I pop breaker or tap the relay with a screwdriver… Now here is the tricky part. I purchased and installed a new relay and the same thing happened. I had to tap the new relay with screwdriver and the pump turned off. Bad relay? I install 1 3rd one today and we will see. Any ideas? 2nd issue – Spa keeps draining each night. This just started happening. When I wake up some mornings the SPA level drops about ¼ to right above the spa jets (see pic). This does not happen every night and since its “winter in California” we are not using the SPA. My logic… If there is a SPA return valve issue the SPA should drain each night. Is that correct? Any help would be appreciated. Image links upload image free
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