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  1. PLEASE HELP! Hello, I have a 2001 CalSpa 2100 series hot tub that was given to me. I'm trying to get it running and have just finished running a 220 line out to it and replacing a wet end that was cracked. There is a hose that is connected to the wet end of the pump on the left side of the cabinet and it runs behind the electrical box and over behind the 2nd pump that sits just behind/to the right of the electrical box. There is a clamp on the end of the hose but does not connect to anything. My question is where does it connect to? There is also another short hose that is on the right side of the cabinet that comes out where the wires for the LED lights go into the foam. Should this tube connect to something? I hope somebody may have the same model and can provide some help and/or pictures of the inside of their cabinet. I feel something may be missing from my set up. Thank you in advance for any help or advice!
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