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  1. Yes, I have seen that. The song he sings is by Johnny Lee, Looking for Love. Happy Holidays to you and family. Now, get that hot tub ready to begin a new water maintenance regimen.
  2. Please contact us if you need additional help. Our contact information is on the product(s). You’ll love how the Aqua Clarity will keep your water looking great. You will still need to use some chlorine. Read all the info and instructions. We are always here to assist. PS: You must be a Johnny Lee fan as well with a handle like wookinpanub.
  3. Hi Wookinpanub: You should use the 2 ounce gel. Use 1 Level Teaspoon of the Blue Gel for each 100 gallons of water capacity to your existing water. Remove headrests and pillows if equipped, remove the filter(s), hose them off, place inside the hot tub itself. Add the gel, turn on jets, watch the foam and gunk develop, run 20 minutes. Shut pup off. Wipe the released gunk with a wet towel before it dries and sticks to the shell. Run the pump another 10 minutes. If you get lots more gunk, wipe it away again with that wet towel, add one more level teaspoon of gel. Run for additional 5 minutes. Drain, wipe, rinse shell so nothing is sticking, hose off filter(s) and let drip dry. Fill the tub, balance water using a reliable test kit. Always maintain adequate sanitizer, in your case Chlorine, and test 3-4 time a week. Whitewater mold can be a real challenge to totally eliminate. What I would do since you have now just purged the plumbing is to get the free available chlorine level up to 10-15 ppm for a few days to make sure any residual mold has been attenuated. If you are the type of person who is busy and want a great backup quarterback just in case you let your guard down on maintenance issues you may want to speak with a Hot Tub Serum dealer or look into our new maintenance product called Aqua Clarity. These products are constantly sweeping the plumbing for bio-gunk so it doesn’t build up in your plumbing. They perform many more functions as well but yiu can read up on these in your spare time. Right now yiu need to purge that hot tub. You want to use Ahh-Some Hot Tub/Jetted Bath Plumbing & Jet Cleaner. The 2 ounce container has 12 level teaspoons in it which is more than enough for the purge you will need to perform.
  4. Are you indicating that an additional purge was just performed in addition to the first one? You don’t need to purge monthly. That would be a waste of resources and your time. We want you inside the hot tub enjoying what it can do for you and not slaving on maintenance. Typically, hot tubs 350-500 gallons should be purged every 6 months. hot tubs that are in the 200-300 gallon range should be purged every 4-5 months. Everything is predicated on the number of users, frequency of visits, water temperature, sanitization levels and acceptable water balance. Your first indicator to get you thinking about a purge are two fold. Foaming and sanitizer decay rates. There are other obvious tell tale signs such as water clarity, smell and feel. We refer to a successful purge as a plumbing colonoscopy. You need to do this or you will not enjoy the maintenance aspects. You will and can also get sick. So, use your noggin and purge periodically. The benefits are huge and you’ll save on sanitizer as well.
  5. Based on what you are saying regarding the rapid “decay rate” of sanitizer, I do think that an additional purge will be in your best interest. When you ask, it that all, it is very important that your fresh water fill is balanced and set up to accommodate the appropriate sanitizer you plan on using. Yes, a submersible pump is handy to achieve a more rapid water drain after the purge. If you spray the shell as it drains you will also be rewarded with not having the released bio-gunk stick to the shell.
  6. The purge image looks good. Quite a bit of build-up was released. You need to purge again. To prevent experiencing a lengthy wipe down and clean up remember to wipe the sticky gooey stuff as it begins to accumulate on the shell at the waterline. A wet towel works great. Some people fill the tub almost to the brim and purge. Much of the foam and released Biofilms simply run over the ledge and down the side of the tub to the deck or ground. Use a garden hose to spray the shell and your wiping duties will be greatly reduced. Here is a YouTube video with my Son Jim purging his own hot tub.
  7. When you did do the purge before the water change did you remove the filter(s) from the filter well and compartment? You mention that the purge released lot’s of gunk. Was this a brand new tub 9 months ago. Was this tub purged for the very first time? If so, you may still have colonization of Biofilms in the plumbing. I would consider another purge to make sure the plumbing has been scrubbed. There are hot tubs that may need 2 or even 3 successive purges.
  8. Hopefully, you have purged the plumbing lines and jets with an effective product. The problem is filter or contamination related. Many hot tub owners see drastic jet improvement after a cleaning is performed.
  9. We are speaking with many hot tub dealers who are purging at the time of first set-up at the consumer’s home. Many other dealers perform a purge at their shop just prior to the delivery to make sure that the new owner will start their water maintenance on a positive note without having to call them back with floaters and discoloration issues. There are still and always will be Dealers that say “there’s no such thing as biofilm in new spas”. No wonder that some hot tub owners get frustrated about maintaining their water so it is always clear, we’ll sanitized and refreshing.
  10. Thank you for that information. We are very much aware of the "hanging chads" so to speak. Most times the purge gets the low hanging fruit of bio-gunk on the first cycle. Letting it set for a few minutes and turning on the pump intermittently will usually cause enough water flow propulsion to knock loose Biofilms that were still hanging on for dear life. Very good information you have shared.
  11. Ideally, you perform the purge with the filters removed and run the jets for 30 minutes after adding the cleaner. Be sure to wipe any of the released sticky gunk so it doesn't dry and adhere to the hot tub shell. This is very important. Silk Balance is a decent cleaner and I believe that they recommend a 30 minute purge time.
  12. Never heard of that brand but since you have it, use it. It can't hurt.
  13. Hello Scryden: Your vanishing free chlorine situation points to exactly what ratchet said. Your tub has biofilm issues. Every single brand new hot tub sold today needs their plumbing purged to remove the slime-forming microorganisms. In addition to purging a new tub it is imperative that you perform this plumbing colonoscopy on a regular basis, usually every 6 months. Small gallon hot tubs neeed to have this done every 4 months. Swim Spas can go 12 months. Free chlorine decay rates is the red flag. We have some dealers, one in particular in Victoria, BC, who purges every single hot tub upon delivery. He thoroughly explains why they do this and proceeds to educate the new owner about testing and maintaining healthy water. Unfortunately, very few dealers will take the time to do this important first purge before use. You need to do this. You will definitely see dramatic changes in your free chlorine readings. Performing regular plumbing colonoscopies is the single most important maintenance protocol you can do to ensure you soak in crystal clear and healthy hot tub water. All it takes is for a new user to get hot tub rash from Pseudomonas Aeruginosa biofilm bacteria or something far worse, and they become believers. Why won't manufacturers and dealers just tell consumers the facts? Scryden: Do the community a huge favor. Purge your hot tub with an effective plumbing cleaner soon. Remember, all plumbing cleaners are not of equal potency. Get one that works. Then, report back to the forum regarding your free chlorine decay rate. The community is trying to help you out so you can help all those new hot tub owners coming behind you.
  14. We do manufacture a formula for HE Washers and Dishwashers. The little 2 ounce container provides for 24 cleanings. So, typical users get 2 years worth of monthly cleanings for both appliances. Note: The washer and dishwasher may really stink after the Ahh-Some cleaning. You need to run a cleaning cycle with your regular cleaning detergent or dishwasher pod to eliminate the aromas we have stirred up. When using the product be sure the appliances are empty of garments and dishes. Short HOT cycle does the trick with our product for the bio-cleaning. The Ahh-Some isn't just for cleaning the insides, it is really used to purge all contaminants and gunk that is located where you can't see, typically where the drain is located.
  15. Lisa91: it does. Mix the gel, 2 ounces to 5-7 gallons of water. Use in sprayer to soak roof stains, mold, fungus or whatever. Leave it on without rinsing off similar to Wet And Forget. Works great.
  16. Thank You CanadianSpaTech: I am not comfortable telling people about our products in a forum like this. Thanks for mentioning it though. We will let the hot tub community come forth with how our new maintenance product is doing.
  17. Lisa91: No need to buy the filter cleaner. When yiu purge with our product you are going to place the filter(s) in the hot tub. We will deep-clean them. It is beneficial to always have a spare set of filters. Always start off with dry filters and you will get longer life out of them. Yes, yiu do need to drain all the water. When you see the gunk that we bring out you'll want to drain the tub.
  18. Hi Lisa91: Your images indicate contaminants that are probably a form of Biofilms. Every single hot tub, swim spa and swimming pool has biofilms. Nothing new here. One soak with your hubby for 30 minutes in 102-104 degree water will add over 2 million body secretions to the hot tub. These eliminations are greatly desired by Biofilms. The Biofilms are living under cover in slime formations in your plumbing system. Once in a while the biofilm eliminates pieces of the colony. These globules are probably part of this release as well as typical dirt, exfoliated skin and a host of other gunk that typically is found in hot water vessels. When is the last time you did a plumbing colonoscopy or purge to your hot tub? Smaller tubs, under 300 gallons need purging every 4-5 months. Larger tubs and swim spas cn go longer before the purge. People just simply hate to clean the plumbing. They will write on this forum all the excuses why they aren't doing it yet. They heard something from someone who told them they could just buy or do this and not drain the water. Folks! If you are reading this post. The single best thing you can do to eliminate lots of frustration and maintenance issues is to use a good purge product. They all do something. That image of the gunk on the filter is commonplace. No matter how many showers you take before soaking, it doesn't matter. Purge, Maintain and Enjoy!
  19. Wonkhester: Again, I would recommend that you review the Purge product that Waterbear made reference to in a previous post with you.
  20. Wonkhester: Glad that your water seems to be in balance as of right now. It is unfortunate that you were not told of the incompatibility of the Spa Marvel and a Salt Brominator System. You seem to be quite concerned regarding bacterial growth in your water. My advice to you is to Purge your piping and jet system with a Non Enzymatic product on a regular basis, always maintain adequate sanitizer levels and follow the advice offered by Waterbear regarding your water balance levels. When it comes to eradicating Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (PA) bacteria from hot tub plumbing, you need a effective cleaner. Three words you need to understand and follow. Purge, Test and Maintain.
  21. Well RD, I have worn and wear a great number of hats. My chemistry background led me into the swimming pool industry in 1969. I have sold and installed thousands of pools and hot tubs over the years. Sold a large business in 2007 and decided to keep the Ahh-Some product as a way to stay active in the industry. Because of the growth in the hot tub industry and recent awareness of Biofilms, our business has experienced rapid growth. So, yes, I am an old codger who just won't retire. I love the recreational water industry. I have dedicated my entire life to it and it has served me well. I do try to help people in this forum if they need assistance, as you do. When I feel I can help a questioner, I do it.
  22. Going way back in the 70's and 80's I used to get a product from Hayward that was called "schmear". I am not certain if Hayward still offers the product. It was used for field repairs on cycolac tanks, lids, chlorinators and a host of other products that needed repair. Basically, it was cycolac chips that are the same as what was used to mold the tank or associated parts of the same product and you simply needed an acetone, usually MEK, methyl ethyl ketone, mixed with the chips to form the repair paste. You may want to ask some of the pool service people who make equipment repairs if they know where you can get it. As RD did say, the spot that needs the repair is in a vulnerable location for sure. We used to use the schmear on numerous occasions when out in the field. Within minutes, good as new. You may have to contact Hayward directly in New Jersey to get information on this product. There were not many people that knew about this product as it was kept pretty close to the belt..
  23. My guess is that you DO NOT have a calcium stearate issue. For the most part, that ship has sailed. If your spa was manufactured in 2019 it is very unlikely that it has this problem. My question to you is sanitizer related. What are you using, chlorine or bromine? Have you had sufficient levels of sanitizer over the previous 2 months or so? Your problem could be calcium related or white water mold. If your hot tub was not treated or chemically treated intermittently while the home was on the market, white water mold issues can become prevalent. If it is WMM, you can treat the tub accordingly. There are numerous postings on this forum that will certainly be helpful.
  24. To be sure that the nasties are attenuated we strongly recommend that you purge. If you think the maintenance is easier now it will be even easier after the purge.
  25. Don't empty the tub before you do a purge. Why waste water? Purge now with the same water.
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