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  1. Hi TMC: The big issue we have is that the size of the label is pretty small and we do try to get as much information as we can on it. This is why we place the sticker on the top lid in case people wish to read more about the product and cleaning instructions. Hope you are enjoying your hot tub.
  2. Jengen72: Each time you purge you are getting another layer of bio-gunk from the plumbing. You will win the war against biofilm. Keep purging. Start with hot water, add just what we say, no more. More does not do a better or faster job. Open all,jets. Let the foam build. Do not remove the foam while purging. Run 20-25 minutes. Wipe up all the brownish sticky stuff you see on the waterline, especially in the filter well area. Be sure to remove the filters as well. I assume you have read our directions. Let the tub set in the off position overnight without draining. In the morning, add one or two level teaspoons of the blue gel to the same water. Run the jets another 10 minutes. You should see a good delivery of more gunk. Drain, rinse wipe and refill. Balance the water and always add appropriate amounts of an approved sanitizer. Use the tub for a few more months before you do an additional purge. You may even go 6 months before you need an additional purge. Keep us posted as to how you are doing. The single most important thing you must do while purging is to wipe the gunk as it builds. Biofilms are comprised of sticky substances. Don't let the gunk that is released dry on the acrylic or you will work harder to remove it.
  3. Hi Aero: So glad that the Freshwater Salt System is now granting you the extra time and chlorine production time. It is really amazing how Biofilms can raise so much havoc in all aspects of hot tub maintenance. Please enjoy the hot tub. Watkins is a very good company. So glad that they took care of your issue.
  4. Hi TMC: as we say on the container lid, go to Www.Ahhsome.com for more complete information and instructions. Some of the gunk that the Ahh-Some pulls from the plumbing can be comprised of millions of sugar molecules or polysaccharides. These guys are sticky stick and stickier. We stress to take a wet towel and wipe the residual brownish, blackish, greenish and yellowish goo as you see it form at the waterline. A good purge product will release this sticky substance that many people call biofilm. The number one thing that people do wrong when they purge with the Ahh-Some is add too much of it and not wipe the residual gunk that is released fast enough. In addition to this I would say that many people leave the filter(s) in place (wrong) and forget to remove any pillows or headrests that are removable. .If you want to do an overnight soak with the Ahh-Some you MUST not allow any pumps to operate while you are not present to wipe away the gunk. If you do an overnight soak just unplug the entire hot tub or hit the breaker until morning when you can run the jets for 5 minutes and then drain the tub. Hope this helps.
  5. Hi TMC: One way to help eliminate the goo that is adhering to the shell is to mix some baking soda into a paste and place it in a small area at a time. Let is stand for 10 minutes and them take an old towel and soak it in white vinegar. Rub the area where the baking soda was placed. This will definitely help you out. People have no idea just how sticky this gunk is. Polysaccharides contribute to this because it is a bunch of sugar molecules. Please let the forum know how it works for you.
  6. No, you can skip one. Fortunately, you are obviously aware of how effective a purge can be on allowing for lower maintenance issues. I would bet that there are over 2 million hot tubs or more that have never had their plumbing and jets chemically cleaned or purged of gunk and goo. You are an informed hot tub owner. Keep up the good work.
  7. Hi Mscdman: Your question regarding using our purge product after using the Marlin Fix-A-Leak is a good one. It is also one that I cannot answer with complete confidence. Based on my understanding as to how the fix a leak works and what is in it I would recommend that you do NOT purge with our product within 2 weeks or so after using the product. To my knowledge we have never experimented with that situation. So, I say not to use our Ahh-Some right after the leak sealer. Ideally, you purge first to get the plumbing clean of organics and other clinging particulates so that the Marlin will get into places it normally would not be able to come in contact with.
  8. Hi Kram2912: This is good advice from the previous gentleman. Personally, I think all test strips tend to give you questionable results. I strongly recommend drop, DPD or titration test kits over test strips.
  9. Did anyone add non-chlorine liquid bleach to the tub? That's an awfully lot of foam. Have you used anything like a Natural Chemistry Spa Purge plumbing cleaner? Did your dealer add anything at the time of delivery? I recommend that you take inventory of all your chemicals and tell this forum what you have and when and how much of what you are adding. I would also strongly recommend doing an Ahh-Some Plumbing purge as well. We have a large stocking dealer in Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Island. Look them up on the Internet. Ask to speak with the owner Bob Brady. He is a great spa and chemical adviser and will assist you. Even if you don't purchase anything from him he is the type of gentleman who will go out of his way to help you. Ok to tell him Jerry from Unique Solutions told you to call him. Please keep the forum posted. Good luck Sir.
  10. Kchottub: Free Chlorine levels, or (FAC), ideally should me maintained on an ongoing basis. Of course this level will diminish periodically and increase as you add more chlorine. Free available chlorine is standing ready to oxidize or kill pathogens introduced into the hot tub water from numerous sources. It will rise and fall much of the time. The main thing to remember is to never let it get to zero or you will lose the protection free available chlorine affords the hot tub users.
  11. To Newtubuser413: The reason we like to have the filters placed INSIDE the hot tub proper while purging is to aid in the removal of gunk that may be lodged deep within the pleats. Filters can harbor bio-contaminants as well. Note: we do NOT recommend that you leave Hot Spring Ceramic filters in the tub while purging or any type of "throw away" disposable paper type filter cartridges. Please let us know if the problem you are encountering is better after the next cleaning. Thank You.
  12. Hello RDspaguy: This is very typical. We have seen so much worse than this. You are correct, you MUST remove the filter(s) while purging or two things happen. The water flow is greatly diminished and the purge is compromised and second, the filter(s) do their job and clog up quickly if the bio-fouling is present. People have to read the instructions. They usually use too much gel to do the job as well. The good news RD is that hot tub owners are beginning to listen. Manufacturers and dealers are beginning to mention biofilm more often and are not as afraid that doing so will decrease hot tub sales. Actually the opposite is true. When consumers are educated about the benefits of periodic purging and draining hot tub water they find that the water clarity and maintenance issues are better and much easier.
  13. Hi Kchottub: I realize that you have purged the tub twice already. Question: Have you removed the filter(s) when purging? I assume you have been following the instructions and NOT overdosing the Ahh-Some gel. More will not work better or faster. The gunk you mention can be just about anything that has been introduced into the tub. However, to me, it does sound like you need to do another purge. If the gunk is from a biofilm formation, which it may or may not be, there are cases where the slime layers peel off from the colonization similar to an onion peel, layer by layer. I recommend letting the tub sit with the Ahh-Some in it overnight the day of the next purge. You MUST not allow the pump(s) to operate while the tub is in this soaking mode. We do NOT want any of the sticky gooey gunk to adhere to the shell. So, purge again and WIPE the released gunk off before it dries. We recommend using an old wet towel to do this. Many hot tub owners fill the tub almost to the top so the gunk will flow over the ledge and down to the ground. This works great when the tub is outside and you can simply use a garden hose to spray the overflowed gunk away from the area. After letting it soak overnight, in the morning run the jets again for 5-10 minutes and drain, ,rinse and wipe the shell clean. Refill, balance water and raise the free chlorine level, if using chlorine, to about 5 ppm for a day or so. I really feel that you need to do this. Your description of your situation is very familiar to me. Please keep the forum updated as to whether or not this has helped. Frustrating I know. Remember this, you will get through this and you will finally begin to enjoy the hot tub.
  14. Hello John999: Great to hear that the flushed seemed to provide the remedy. What was the name of the product that Hot Spring supplied you with for the flush if you don't mind my asking?
  15. Hello Epic Cajun: We need to be certain as to exactly what you are describing. Foam is drastically different from bubbles and mean different things. Here are possibilities. Yes, you may have had remnants of the bio-purge break loose from the bio colony as some of the gunk was somewhat loosened during the purge but not totally eliminated. Any residual Ahh-Some in the plumbing would be so small an amount that it would not be a contributing factor. Water pressure may have pushed this out into the tub and it can cause foam. If the bubbles have a brownish/gold hue on their perimeter this is probably bio contaminants. Bear in mind that there are many hot tubs that are grossly contaminated and have been building up the film for many years. One purge may just not do the job. Did you do additional purges? You should consider this. You also mention lots of air bubbles when you turn on the jets. Sometimes, water is over saturated with oxygen and nitrogen. if the air is being injected into the water in a very turbulent way, this will create very small bubbles. If this seems to be happening I would check the jet air injector to make sure it is not partially clogged. Also, smaller bubbles take longer to clear and out gas versus larger bubbles that rise and out gas more quickly. Ideally, you purge again just to be certain that the majority of the plumbing gunk has been eliminated. What you see from the purge may tell you what the problem may be.
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