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  1. Hi Aero: I am responding to concerns regarding successive purges and what this may do to components within the plumbing system and jets. I would like to say upfront that I have never met Mr. Leno, the gentleman associated with a blog delineating his results from using our product, Ahh-Some, and numerous other cleaners to gauge their effectiveness in eliminating bio-fouling in "closed loop" plumbing networks. Nor have I instructed him or paid him to perform his testing on his own personal hot tub. Just wanted to make sure that the readers in this forum understand that these are Mr. Leno's v
  2. Here is what we recommend to do after completing a plumbing colonoscopy or purge process. Be sure to wipe off any sticky clinging gooey gunk that has come out during the purge. Wipe this as you see it. Do NOT let this stuff dry on the shell or acrylic. Biofilm is primarily a polysaccharide, which is comprised of sugar molecules. So, sticky sticky sticky. A wet towel does a great job. After draining as much water as you can, just wipe the entire inside shell clean. Refill! One note here. When refilling be sure to add water into the filter well (where the filter(s) is (are) located to b
  3. Watkins, the Hot Spring manufacturer, is very much aware of the Ahh-Some product(s). Customer Service personnel at Watkins have been recommending Ahh-Some for many years when their customers experience " out of the ordinary sanitizer decay" conditions. Watkins is one of the top manufacturers in the industry. Our dealing with them over the years has shown us that they really do care about their customers and dealers alike. On a scale of 1-10, they are a 10. I strongly recommend that you purge your tub ASAP. This is not a "Watkins Only" situation. Higher than normal sanitizer decay rate i
  4. Hi Aero: I would like to address your concerns regarding the possibility of plumbing purges affecting hot tub components such as rubber, plastic and metal fittings and o'rings. Now in our 25th. year in business I want to assure you and others who may be reading this post that our plumbing and jet cleaner does not affect, degrade or ruin any surface it comes in contact with. I have very little information on other brands but I would maintain that they are not damaging any parts as well. We are all in the business of helping hot Tub owners. We have successfully eliminated barrels and barrel
  5. Hi Cassie: Please do NOT double dose the Ahh-Some when purging. Adding more than the required amount does nothing for you except use more product. Also, using de-foamer is really not needed if you add the required amount of gel. We actually want foaming to occur since much of the active ingredient in our gel is part of the foam you see. Foam is your friend during a purge. We strongly recommend that everyone read the complete instructions @ www.Ahhsome.com. Cassie, your hot tub rash (Folliculitis), was probably caused because your water had an opportunistic bacteria called p.aeruginosa.
  6. What are you using as a sanitizer? I do hope it is Chlorine or Bromine. Sounds like you may be using something else based on your reoccurring flake issues.
  7. You need to do a plumbing and jet purge. That gunk can be easily removed and will,allow you to,enjoy clearer nd healthier water without all the fuss.
  8. You need to purge your plumbing. Look up biofilm in hot tubs. Get to the root of the problem and purge.
  9. Not sure what brand spa flush you have but it is generally the rule to open all air intakes and create as much turbulence as possible.
  10. Good Afternoon: You may have white water mold as well. I am not sure that what you have is definitely biofilm. Regardless of that, the purges you are doing will definitely help to release tube detritus buildup. Be sure to keep a little sanitizer in the tub as you are purging so the bacteria can be killed. It may take a few more purges to complete the colonoscopy of the plumbing and rid the tubing of any bio-contamination. Calling a service company will not benefit you any moe than what you are doing yourself. Short of removing and replacing all the tubing, there is not much more he or s
  11. Ahh-some Hot Tub Plumbing & Jet Cleaner is what you need to get. Problem solved.
  12. You need to flush the plumbing. Get a good pipe flush product and use it. Sooner rather than later.
  13. You need to do an effective “purge” of biofilm that is probably present in your plumbing and jets. Google Biofilm in hot tubs. Hot tub rash is caused by Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. You need to,purge every 4-6 months. Don’t just drain and refill like many dealers tell you. Do some investigation and you will have a wonderful experience going forward.
  14. Whenever a manufacturer or retailer does not list their contact phone #, you should be suspect. These guys want you to email them.
  15. You have bio-contaminants in your plumbing and jet infrastructure. Just do a high quality “purge” and it should subside.
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