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  1. De-foamer is useful when a purge produces a prodigious amount of foaming. An overdose of Ahh-Some will produce increased foam. We show it in some videos as a way to help those hot tub owners who may have used too much product or for those who want to eliminate the foam just prior to draining. Foaming does aid in producing an effective purge. Biofilms are difficult to penetrate. They have a slime layer that hides and protects the nucleus. The foam, with the aid of pressure from water flow, helps to penetrate into the microscopic pores of biofilms. We want foam, just not quite as much as you seemed to have. When I purge my tub I simply spray the foam with my garden hose just prior to draining. Ideally, you spray the area where draining occurs so the foam is eliminated. Glad her dog is okay. A high concentration of foam can upset a dog's stomach. Spray the foam next time with a hose.
  2. One sachet or single use Ahh-Some packet is really good for hot tubs up to 500 gallons. After an effective purge you may still have residual Ahh-Some bio-cleaner lining the plumbing infrastructure and jets. It could be just a hint of the product. On the initial refill you may notice a slight amount of foaming once the jets are engaged. This is normal and it will dissipate over the next day or so. There is no need for de-foamer. The residual Ahh-Some will not affect you in any way. Our Ahh-Some Spray Cleaner will certainly eliminate any films that may be attaching to the shell after a purge. Ideally, you use it. One bottle will last you for at least 3 years of purges. However, it is not mandatory. Rinse and wipe with a old cotton towel. Thats all you really need to do. Thank you for using our product. It is truly an amazing formulation that is most effective in eliminating the nasties that ALL hot tubs and swim spas can have.
  3. Do not use this in a spa or pool. If you are going to use a grocery store bleach the label will say (sodium hypochlorite). Strengths may vary from around 4% to 6%. You do not want to use any bleach with other additives. You want the old fashioned bleach. It works extremely well but the pool and hot tub retailers won't agree.
  4. Hello Jojalis: When purging with any brand plumbing cleaner it is recommended that you remove the filter(s) from the filter well. Rinse them off with a garden hose and place them inside the hot tub proper during the purge. Based on what you are saying in your posting I recommend that you complete the initial Ahh-Some purge but not drain the water right away. Add half a dose to the just purged tub and see if additional gunk is removed. Always be sure to wipe away expelled sticky peanut buttery gunk as it collects on the shell. Don't let is set for any length of timeon the shell or it will be more difficult to remove.. after the second purge using the same water, drain the tub and rinse and wipe away any remnants of the purge. When you refill the tub you may see small floaters for a few days. No big deal. Wipe them away. No need to refill and drain a second time. That's it!
  5. You need to purge the plumbing and drain the water. Based on what you are saying and showing indicates that you probably have biofilm issues that need to be attenuated. Purging with an effective product will pay you huge dividends. This forum has many articles on biofilm that you can read.
  6. Please listen to Waterbear and PURGE your brand new hot tub on the first fill. You will be greatly rewarded after you do this and notice that getting the chemical concentrations in sync will be easier to get the water balanced.
  7. That would be an appropriate method. Purge AFTER the hot tub is refilled after the shut-down. No issues. This is done all the time especially when hot tubs are drained for even longer periods when no one is at the property to use the tub.
  8. Hello Redxrunner: You may want to investigate becoming a Hot Tub Serum dealer. Do some investigation regarding the products. Mark Henderson is the gentleman who can discuss the program with you. He has quite a few service companies dealing with his brand. If interested after you do some homework on the brand, you can reach him @ 609-234-0923.
  9. If you use Ahh-Some, we recommend that you remove your filter(s) and add the Ahh-Some gel directly into the filled hot tub. You only use a small amount of the blue gel as it is highly concentrated. Hose your filter(s) off and place them in the tub proper as the purge is in process. Just let the filter(s) move about inside the hot tub and we will deep clean the pleats as a filter cleaner bonus. Run the purge for 30 minutes. Drain, rinse and wipe the shell removing all the sticky sediment that you will see released. Refill, balance the water, place the cleaned filter(s) in the filter well and you are good to go. Please report your results after the second purge.
  10. Hi David: You did the right thing in purging your Hot Tub to remove plumbing bio-gunk. I am surmising that the Swirl Away was not totally effective in the bio removal. You still have materials that need to be cleaned out. Our testing has proven that the Swirl Away product was the least impressive regarding eradication results of all the brands that were tested at MSU in Bozeman, Mt. I will post those results for you. Purge again using a different product. I do think that you will see that you still had some nasty build up that was left behind. Was the released stuff you show in the images biofilm? Some of it could be along with a plethora of other gunk and grime that hot tub and jetted bathtub plumbing will always have until an effective plumbing cleaner flushes it out. Then, it starts all over again David. You will need to purge the plumbing every 4-6 months for effective hot tub chemical balance. Here is the posting for the testing. See Swirl Away results. https://ahhsome.com/wp-content/uploads/MSUBiofilmTestResults_1.pdf
  11. Hello Jaredthomas27: Eliminating Black Mold using the Ahhsome Hot Tub Plumbing & Jet Cleaner will be 100% effective. Be sure to follow the instructions for best results. You do not need to overdose. This gel is very potent. Add gel to hot water, place filter(s) in hot tub to just float on the water, open all air intake venturi's and run for 20 minutes. Based on the amount of mold you mention I do not feel you have to remove the jets and spend the extra time. Ahh-Some will find all the nooks and crannies and remove the mold and any additional biological particulates. Splash some of the Ahh-Some treated water on the cover top and bottom to remove anything colonizing you may not be aware of. Before draining after the first 20 minute purge be sure to wipe all the released detritus sticky goo at the waterline and above, especially in the filter well are? Add one or two additional LEVEL teaspoons of gel to the just purged and not yet drained water. Run the jets on high for an additional 5 minutes. If you get an additional release of gunk after this, wipe it up and add one LEVEL teaspoon of additional gel. Run for 5 minutes. You will typically not get any additional gunk released. Now, drain, wipe and rinse. Do NOT let any released gunk dry on the acrylic shell. Drain as much as yiu can. No need to vacuum out all the water. When you refill yiu may see a few floaters on day 1 or 2. No big deal with that. Wipe them away with a hand towel. Balance the new water to levels recommended in this forum. It is a no brainer to use the Di-Chlor-Bleach method for sanitization. This is the best system for stand-alone hot tubs. Mold IS Formed when sanitizer levels are depleted for a period of time. Many other far worse bacteria than mold can also colonize rapidly. Maintaining a healthy hot tub is quite easy to do. Balance the water, maintain adequate sanitizer using a reliable test kit (Not Strips), run filter for sufficient amount of time daily, clean filter(s) periodically, maintain cyanuric acid levels at 50 ppm maximum, keep the tub covered when not in use and PURGE every 4-6 months. You have to drain the hot tub after using any pipe cleaner or purge product. Sounds difficult but it is not. After a few months it will become second nature for you.
  12. Nordic would be my choice hands down. Top quality-Great customer service.
  13. What you are experiencing can be extremely common on vinyl covered spa covers. We make an Ahh-Some Spray Cleaner that will work great for that problem. Another product called Serum Triple Spray Cleaner will also be very effective. They are also used to clean the area above the water line after the hot tub is used. Spray the cleaner on and wipe away the stickies and bio-gunk.
  14. Fully understand. You do not need a new hot tub. The yellow gunk you see is typically found and seen in every single hot tub and swim spa periodically. Look at it this way. We all brush our teeth daily, sometimes more than once daily. However, every 6 months or so we are encouraged to go to our dentist to get a cleaning to eliminate plaque. Plaque is biofilm that has attached to our teeth. It is scraped off and the entire process starts all over again. No matter how well you brush, floss and use mouthwash, the plaque returns. Your hot tub plumbing is like this. You maintain excellent water chemistries and perform all the necessary steps to maintain a healthy hot tub environment but biofilms are always present where you cannot typically see them. Biofilms in hot tubs and swim spas are a huge issue. People are always trying to conserve and keep the water for longer periods before dumping. The reason I wanted you to contact Watkins is for their cs people to reinforce the need for purging periodically, not to replace your hot tub. For those hot tub owners who are reluctant to drain their tubs it should be noted that many thousands of gallons of water are used on a weekly basis for simply daily showers and other typical daily living. Dumping 250-450 gallons of water every 4-6 months is really not a huge waste of resources. There are huge benefits when hot tub water is drained on a periodic basis. I encourage you to read about biofilms in hot tubs.
  15. Gadino22: Contact Watkins (Hot Spring) in California. Ask their customer service person you speak with about biofilms in the plumbing and on the shell. They will advise you correctly. You need to purge the tub. Yes you will drain the water after this simple maintenance procedure. Getting rid of the biofilms is one of the best things you can do in order to achieve crystal clear healthy and satisfying water without the hassle of extreme sanitizer decay and other issues. Just do it! You will see the difference. Call them tomorrow. They will assist and you can follow what they tell you. These people are great and they deal with issues like this daily. You have a wonderful hot tub my friend.
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