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  1. Mirage and resort- the resort is not one we are interested in but has some features that the spirit has. There is another dealer near here that has the promise that I still haven't pulled off the table. I would like to compare Promise, Mirage and Spirit (I like the Wish but not sure if I want to dedicate that much space on my patio*) to Artesian's Nevis, Antigua/Captiva Elite*.Hopefully by next week we will have made our decision. The options I have decided on are gate valves and a pan. On the Artesians I would add dual footblasters. The chemistry portion of our last hot tub was not a big deal to me, so I don't think I would add those items. The one thing that was mentioned to me yesterday was I would have to change my power box from our last tub. It had a 20 and a 30 amp in the breaker. Is this true and how much can I expect to pay for that? Another question, is there a difference in the pleated filters that I should be aware of? Thank you so much for the information on this, CMMS
  2. Well, we will wet test this weekend. Unfortunately, won't be able to test Artesian because no one near here has any to see or try. Why is that? Kind of hard to compare when no one has any -- disappointing.
  3. Thank you for the info. I see a couple of posts missing. In regards to the in line @ease. Would the system not inline work better? I believe one of them has a float or something.Even with the increase in the chlor dial, how much higher is it? With our previous spa it was a chlorine level of 3-5. Also, with the @ease system, will the over all amount of chemicals be less and what about cost? What am I looking at for a monthly maintenance program? We are going to wet test this weekend(!) at a dealer that has both lines. So hopefully that will clear things up some more. If we decide on one with a funky shape, how expensive/difficult is it to get a replacement cover? That was something we had to do with our hot spring. CMMS
  4. Thanks. I have one other question and that is with the jets/pump. I was told they were from Custom-Molded Products out of Georgia. My concern is they are a distributor for foreign made parts and not made here. They say on their website that they have global production and large warehouses on the coasts. Any idea if they make parts here?
  5. We are looking into getting a hot tub soon. Have had a Hot Spring in the past, but will not get another. Looked at Artesian, Marquis and Master, but Master's rep in WI was useless over the phone. Could not tell me anything about their product. The other two have been very helpful. Interested in what other's experiences with these have been. Looking at Artesian Captiva, Antigua or 748L and Marquis Mirage,Wish or Reward. Problems with any of them? Info on water purification. Ozone helpful? Cartridges with minerals a gimmic or worth it? Thanks!
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