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  1. Got the relay and installed it with no change. Still does the same thing. I Found a potential other problem though. I saw what looks like mice chewing on the data cable. or whatever its called coming from the control board into the box. Can't tell for sure, it awfully small and my eyesight isn't that great anymore, but it appears that a couple of the wires have been severed. Have ordered a new cable and will try that when it arrives.
  2. Thank you mike223, i appreciate any help you have given. Didn't mean to concern you, but I don't intend on doing anything that is not exactly as original, if possible. I did find a replacement relay and will return it to original factory specs and retest the heater circuit. If i ever did, I can assure you it would be with the help of a licensed electrician. I very much prefer to replace any original part and keep it operating as intended. Thanks
  3. There is no reset buttons. The heater says it is automatic reset high limit. I did test the relays and determined that there is no voltage coming out of relay #5 that powers relay #4 when the jets are turned off. There is voltage going into relay #5. That is the way I think it works, not sure. That is the question I wanted answered. Is that the way it is supposed to work. I did find a relay and have it ordered. Will replace Relay #5 when it arrives and then retest to see if #4 is getting voltage to power the heater. Did a ohm test on the heater and is shows 11 ohms so I think the heater is good. Replaced it a couple of years ago so it should be fine as long as something didn't fry it. The only problem I can tell with my limited knowledge of the operations of this thing is that voltage is not getting to the heater relay when it is supposed to. Don't see any other reset buttons except on the plug. Made sure that is functioning and, as I said, I am getting 120 volts going into relay #5. Just not coming out and getting to relay #4 where the heater plug in coming from.
  4. I am not doing aimless troubleshooting, the only thing I have done is tested the heater outlet as you told me to. I was not getting voltage to the plug so opened the box to see where the voltage comes from to the plug. It comes from relay #4 that is in turn fed through relay #5 when the jets turn off i believe. That is as far as I've gone. So that is the question I asked. Was I correct in assuming that is the correct operation and If I cannot get voltage from #5 to #4, is the relay bad? I did look at the wiring inside to kind of map out the voltage pathway to understand the operation. I saw the white wires going from relay to relay so assumed there should be some function of the white wires. Tested the white wire coming into the box and got no voltage. Thats all, I am NOT planning on doing anything more until I get an answer to that question. I'm sorry if I asked too many stupid questions, I was just studying the inside of the box trying to understand the operations and my mind got to wondering.
  5. Thanks for your help. I would certainly not do anything that would jeopardize my safety. I am simply asking questions. That's why I asked. The white wire coming in simply has no voltage to it at any time. I have recreated all the operational conditions i can, except of course, the heater operating, and there is NO voltage there at any time. I did have an electrician look at it a few years ago and he told me that could be done. To change it to a 220 volt so the heater is running even when the jets are on. But he did not look inside the box and give me any details about how it would be done. Maybe I will get in contact with him again and have him look at it while it is apart. But I have to spa technicians anywhere close. I reiterate my original question that is primary, sorry if I am asking too many questions, just riffing here. But back to my original question if you could just answer that. Believe me, I WILL NOT go forward with any modifications unless I am very certain it is safe. I want to return it to original operating conditions if at all possible. I cannot get voltage from relay #5 to relay #4 when the jets turn off. Is that the way this thing is supposed to operate and does this mean that relay #5 is defective? I appreciate any help you can give me, I am not crazy and intend to put myself or anyone else into danger.
  6. Just another question that is confusing me. What purpose is the white wire? It has NO voltage coming in and does not register voltage anywhere at any of the terminals at any time? I thought maybe one of the relays would activate it in certain conditions but I can detect no voltage on any of the white wires at any time. It is a 110/120 tub so I don't think the white wire is even carrying voltage into the box! Could I use that wire and turn my tub into a 220 volt tub and use the white wire as dedicated voltage to the heater instead of relying on the relay to power it? Or am i f-ing crazy?
  7. found one, but want to verify old relay first. they are not cheap, so would prefer to check integrity of old relay first. I am an auto mechanic so pretty familiar with relay operation, but these are a little strange. How should I go about verifying proper function of these relays?
  8. Wow, do those even exist anymore? Can't find them. Will keep looking. Anyone have a source?
  9. I live out in the boonies and do not have any spa techs anywhere near. I think Omaha would be the closest and that is an hour away. I have been poking around with a meter and I cannot get any voltage to the heater plug. It is a 110 volt tub and so I think the way it works, when you turn the jet pump on, it uses the voltage for the jet pump and turns off the heater. The number 5 relay seems to run the jets, i can hear and feel it clicking when i turn on the jets. The number 4 relay runs the heater. The voltage goes to #5 and them a wire comes from #5 to #4 to supply voltage when the jets are off. I do have voltage running to the #5 relay but I get nothing coming out to go to the #4 relay when I turn off the jets. Am i to figure my #5 relay is bad?
  10. checked it this morning and still ice cold. No heat at all now. Felt the heater and does not feel warm at all, like it use to. It felt warm to the touch, just wouldn't heat past about 90 degrees or so. Everything appears to be working, all indicator lights on, can hear the relay kick in when turning the temperature dial up. Where and how do I start checking for the cause?
  11. Okay, remember I mentioned my stupidity!!!!! Turns out they WILL NOT go into either plug. I just didn't insert them completely. If you look closely at the terminals inside the plugs, you will see a male and a female terminal. I just didn't push them all the way in to engage with the terminals in the control box. So thought they would fit both plugs. NO. If you try to push them all the way in, they will not go into either one as one is male and one is female!!!!! Sorry, I'm an idiot! But on the bright side, I am confident i now have it hooked up correctly. Will wait and see if it heats up completely and this repair works. Or if there is something else causing the no heat condition. Thanks for your time. Hope I have a HOT tub in the morning.!!!!!
  12. Did find some info about the QT numbers but didn't help me any more that the part numbers. Still don't know which one goes in which plug. As i said they are both exactly alike and can plug into either plug on the control box. My only indication is the "limit" tag on the heater. Hopefully that means "high limit"? That is the way I connected it.
  13. the only tags on the parts are QT2025 and QT2103. I don't remember which one came out of which bag. It says on the packaging slip 78969 replaces #38416 and 78970 replaces #38415. 78696 is the high limit, but I don't know which one came out of that bag. I google the QT numbers, but couldn't find anything.
  14. Not frustration, just questions. And my stupidity!!!! I replaced the thermistors thinking that was the problem. I replaced them with Part #'s 78969 and 78970 because that is what I found online to use. I have a replacement heater in it too, a hot springs 4K no fault I believe, I can't remember for sure. Those were the part #'s I found to use with this heater. They both have the exact same plug and will fit it either plug in the control board. As are the old thermistors which I still have. They are not unique and will fit in either plug. I'm hoping i hooked it up right. As I said, I found a pic of the High limit board on line and them looked inside the control box and found the high limit board and plugged in the one labeled "limit", as you can see in the picture, into that plug. Is that correct? Does the label "limit" on the heater mean "high limit thermistor"????? and what does the label "control" mean? I have the tub filled and turned on and HOPEFULLY heating up. Seems to be working good. Won't know until the morning when I can check the temperature.
  15. I'm assuming "limit" mean high limit thermistor???? Not sure what "control" means but I found a pic of the high limit control circuit board online. I'm figuring the "limit" thermistor plug into this circuit board??????
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