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  1. Every year in Texas many homeowners choose the wrong pool builder and the worst case scenario becomes a hard reality - the builder goes belly up before finishing their pool. The homeowner is left with a big whole in their backyard and their initial checks of payment cashed and gone. These questions can help you avoid that situation. These days, it is easy to look big and successful on the internet, even if the company is a small startup with no cash flow to support a dump in their operations. How many years have you and your company been in business under your current name and what are your previous business names? Has your company or the owners ever declared bankruptcy? Who are your pool suppliers and can you provide their phone numbers? Will my checks be paid to a business account or an owner's personal account? Do you have liability insurance? How much? Explain the limits of your policy. Is all necessary work included in my pool quote? How do I know the quoted price is not a bait and switch? Why should I use your pool company to build my pool? (open ended question with no right answer, just let them talk and use your own intuition). Things that are NOT important because it is too easy for a company to check off and has zero effect on their professional status as a business. BBB Membership Company has a mailing address near you. Lots of logos on their website such as profiles on Houzz, APSP, Youtube, Angie's List, etc. Company has no negative reviews online (usually means the positive ones are artificial). Thank you and good luck to everyone in the market for a pool! Blue Science - Dallas 4254 Spring Valley Road Dallas, TX 75244 972-953-6261 Blue Science - Houston 2121 Brittmoore Rd STE 200 Houston, TX 77043 713-636-5751 www.bluescience.com