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  1. think i might be sorted now. I didn't know the end of a 32mm-38mm hosetail would actually fit onto the end of a 50mm bypass valve kit. And found a complete kit which will link up to my pool. Only snag/worry, is that it says i should use a type D (due to high power surge on start up). However I have type B fitted. Not sure how important this is. I know someone else with a type b circuit breaker and he's been running it ok witout any problems for 2 years. So maybe i could see hoe it goes.
  2. I'm looking to upgrade my pool pump from a 32mm (1 1/4 inch) to accept a 50mm (2 inch) flow. I'm doing it because i want to use a heat pump (3kw hydro-s) which uses 50mm pipes. My pool is a 12ft diameter 2ft deep Jilong above ground pool with 32mm inlet and outlet (typical to intex/bestway style). I'm also upgrading filter pump to a sand filter (Hydro-Fit Filter Set) - this accepts both 32mm and 38mm. However the heat pump only accepts 50mm. I've been told about a couple of options so far: 1. (using type B adaptors at inlet/outlet and more rigid pipe) Intex type b adaptor on to pool £21.99 x 2 Large Intex hose £21.99 Pipe and fittings for heat pump £50 bypass kit 50mm to match heat pump £79 2. (using t piece hosetails) bypass kit £44 (38mm)6m of hose £18 (@£3 per/m)T piece hosetails x2 (32mm) £2.20 each (£4.40) I think I would need more stuff than no2 method above (dont think the company who quoted me that stuff fully understood my requirements). i've heard some cut into the pool lining to avoid downsizing the pipes, but i dont want to mess this up. the max flow from the heat pump is a bout 2.5m3 and 4m3 from the filter pump. would reducing the pipes from 50mm down to 32mm limit the performance of my heat pump? Or would the velecity increase and make up for it? any ideas please?
  3. if heat pumps for swimming pools are supposed to be hardwired does that mean that i cannot disconnect them from the supply for winter and put away? or move the heat pump to another location/house? does it also mean that an electrician must connect it and disconnect it every time?
  4. sorry, if this is a daft question, but I've bought this 12ft diameter outdoor metal framed swimming pool. However, when i got it out and measured it- it measured 10ft but the box says 12ft! Do these things expand a little when completeely filled with water?
  5. i have a new 12ft diameter outdoor pool, just bought a solar cover for it. However, I'd like to use a chlorinator as i've been told they're good at keeping the levels just right. can a chlorinator be anchored down in the middle of the pool (a bit like a bouy) so it doesn't touch the solar cover. If the filter is on and the water is moving, then i can't see the problem.
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