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  1. I'm very new at this, so I take it you mean the (for lack of a better term) big cup sized thing? Has a clear top to where you can see water in it? When the filter is running without the vacuum yes it has bubbles and water in it. It still kinda does when you put the attachment on however if the pressure is up, when you put on the attachment it kills the pressure immediately.
  2. Hi there everyone, I just joined the forum and first time pool owner. My wife and I bought a house in Jan that has an above ground pool. We opened it up on Memorial day and we've been working on getting it set up and the right chemicals in and such. We have a DE Filter and it's working fine however whenever I put in the vacuum accessory into the filter we lose all pressure in the filter and I can't get any suction to get the vacuum to even work. We're trying our hardest to not call someone out, I found the forum hoping someone can help us out. We're pool newbie so any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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