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  1. Chlorine is only a piece of the puzzle. You need something in the water to help make the Chlorine work correctly. Check to make sure your PH levels are good. PH plays an important role with Chlorine. Not to mention if chlorine can actually make your pool look cloudy, or too much of it anyways. Green is either algae or pollen, and you can tell by how it sits in the water. I would run a vacuum in the pool, automated is best, for a few hours. Once it is clean then you can work on the other levels.
  2. Hi all, First post here, so appreciate that there are forums dedicated to the water life :-) I have had a pool now going on 3 years. My question is in regards to backwashing, specifically a DE filter. I have a DE filter but I do not have a backwash system. I typically have to drain it, take the cover off, and wash the filters, then reassemble. Backwashing would probably make my life easier, as the backwash cleans the filters/grids. Can you make a backwash system, or does the system come with it? If so do I just buy the backwash valve and install? I also ask because I didnt have this p
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