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  1. Hello, I have a 1999 Sundance optima Spa. i recently bought a SpaCuzn Core insert from the manufacturer. Long story short, it was the incorrect size, and got sucked in the intake. The pump shut down. I shut the breaker off immediately. We drained the tub and retrieved the filter inset and put the tub back together. At the time of the incident, the pump was only 7 months old. Afterwards, the pump felt like it had diminished flow, but was working on both a low and a high speed. About a month later, the pump stopped working all together. We drained the tub once again, and after taking pump apart, we discovered that in the process of the insert getting sucked into the intake, it broke part of the plastic filter housing and that small piece of plastic also got sucked into the impeller and had been rolling around in there this whole time. We just replaced the pump with a brand new one. We were excited to get back up and running, but are having having the same problem - we push the button on the panel and it shows both 1 and 2 speed, we hear a click and the pump does not turn on. So, draining the tub again and are in search whatever part we need. Any ideas?? Thank you!
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