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  1. Ok, Am I correct in assuming the flow is measured by thermal mass dispersion? One of the metal sensors is heated and its temperature measured vs the other sensor (control). The faster the flow, the faster heat is carried away from the sensor and the less the temperature difference between It and the control. If that's the case, I was considering experimenting by placing a small baffle or diverter in the cell that diverts more flow directly onto the sensors, thus dissipating any difference in temperatures much faster. Any engineers out there have a comment on this?
  2. I've been wrestling with the no flow situation on my Aquapure 1400 for years. I've been through new cells and sensors. Newest sensor was 6 months ago, the newer kind with 2 silver discs and the little box in the cable. It fits into the third port of the cell. I keep it very clean. Lately, I've been getting the flow light sporadically off again, doesn't generate chlorine. No error codes. Chlorine level is perfect, 3200, by sensor and test strips. Flow is excellent, 50gpm on the flow meter. All board tests are good. It is extremely annoying. My cell is on the same switch as the pool pump - what I'd really like to do is void all the warranties and find out a way to bypass the flow sensor / spoof the system that flow is good. Perhaps a "wiring modification" however I'm not sure how the flow sensor even works. Any explanations, thoughts, or ideas? Thanks, Russ
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