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  1. Will do, I've ordered a couple more of the replacement light lenses today plus 6 of the holders. I've so far only removed the front panel, I'm kind of hoping the lights which are connected behind the back panel are equally nicely installed! we will see. I definately think some of the foam will need to be cut awat to access the fittings. I've so far found 3 cracked lights when I removed them last year, so I know the fittings had water in them as the back plug on the LED when removed were rusty, they have to be changed. Speak soon Paul
  2. Hi LakeBumKyle I've had the front of my hot tub today to sort a blocked ozone injector, and I took the time to look at the lights in a bit more detail. Forst of all to prove that it is a fault with one of the lights, causing a short. I have the same issue, it started that only my corners and waterfall worked, and then none of them work. The light menu is also missing from the control panel. First of all, if you disconnect the connector between the white cable from the RAIO LED controller and the red/black cables which run abour the perimeter of the hot tub. Now when you turn on the lights, and access the menu, the lite/color menu should now appear. This shows that it is one or more of your LED's which has moisture in it, causing a short. Then what I plan to do, is remove all 4 sides as I described earlier, and then disconnect each of the RAIO LED's from the lighting circuit. They have clever little connectors which cut into the red and black wires, once they are all disconnected, in theory you have elimated the fault. Then you can turn on the lights, and one by one reconnect them until you hopefully find out which one is the culprit. When you find it, you will need to change out the light housing/LED. There is a couple of pictures here of the white connector to disconnect first of all to prove you have a short, and then also some pictures of the grey connectors to disconnect the individual lights. https://www.flickr.com/photos/154798729@N08/shares/2EMBh6 This is how I plan to fix my tub. I just need to order some new light housings.
  3. So if you are only getting 110v into the lighting power supply for your tub, this might be right if your tub is a US model, or in a market where your voltage is only 110v. I get 240v but then I'm in the UK, and this is our standard voltage. I'm sure all issues with these lights result in a short circuit as someone else suggested, caused by moisture in the light fittings, in my tub I know there is at least 6 lights which were not working properly. And even today, I have just 1 light which glows a dim red colour, regardless of whether the lights are on or off! I have a plan on how I'm going to try and diagnose. Here is what I plan to do, however it's not going to be easy. From what I can see, there is a power circuit within the shell of the hot tub, where the 40 odd lights tap into the circuit. Like you, the light menu no longer appears on my hot tub screen. However when I removed all the lights inside the tub from their fittings, (except the waterfall, and speaker lights) the menu reappeared. So what I plan to do is as follows, whether this will work, I don't know....... I'm going to remove the 4 side panels of the cabinet I'm going to switch the tub into summer time mode. This shuts off the heater or 8 hours only I'm going to remove the fuse from the bottom of the control module, to stop the circulation pump from running I'm then going to drain the tub, with the power still on Then I will disconnect each of the individual lights from the main lighting circuit within the tub. (from what I can see each one taps into the circuit with a small grey connector) If you drain the tub before switching to summer time mode, you cannot power up the hot tub, without the heater thermal cutout tripping, and then you cannot turn on the lights. I will then turn on the lights on the tub, hopefully the lighting menu will appear when you switch on the lights, then I will reconnect each light, one by one, in the hope I can find which light is causing the circuit to short circuit and cut out all the lights. This light and maybe the fitting as well will be replaced. I've no idea if this will work, but in my mind, this is the best way to prevent the heater or circulation pump from burning out or tripping the thermal cutout without any water in the tub. When the weather improves and I get some time, I will report back how I get on. To be honest, I would have complained under warranty, if I'd realised at the time how bad this issue is and how it affected all early model tubs. It really should have been a recall, or at least an offer of free lights when they failed. But I just assumed a couple of the lights were faulty, not realising it would render them all useless in the future. Paul
  4. Hi Everyone, Had the tub about 5 years now, and over this time, (after the initial 2 year warranty on the LED's) some of them started playing up, certain colours not working, or some of them just not working at all. I've put up with it as there were many LED's still working, and I found in general Blue lighting, generally worked, some colours you would set, and 1 LED would be a wrong colour, it got to the point about 7 or 8 of them were not correct, but at the time, I did not realise they were front accessable, anyway, another year goes by, and they stopped working, at first, all the spa LED's stopped, but the corner ones around the speaker holes, kind of worked, but not 100%. now they have stopped as well. I notice on the panel, when you push the light button, the Light symbol comes on, however the Light menu and the colour menu do not display, I've checked the Power supply for the lights with a multimeter, we have 240 v AC coming into the power supply, and we have 5v DC coming out the other side so I'm assuming the power supply is good. I therefore assumed it could be the point of light controller which was faulty, so purchased one of these, swapped it out and it's still not working. I purchase 8 new LED's (at great expense in the UK), but I can only remember the position in the tub of 2 of the 7 or 8 LED's which were not working correctly as it's been so long since they all worked. 1 of those I replaced, had corrosion on the plug at the back of the light, so obviously the seal had failed, but the question is if some of the other lights have leaked, could this have shorted out the circuit and be preventing any of the lights from coming on? Maybe I need to remove each light looking for corrosion? Next question, is there any way to test these LED's one by one when I remove them? My mind does not quite know how they work, they obviously have a 5v DC positive and negative input? but how on earth do they know which colour to turn? Could I simply take them out and connect them to a power source to test them? Alternatively can I power up the spa, to test the lights without damaging the heater if there is no water in it? I can pull the circulation pump fuse, to prevent that running dry, but I don't think I can stop the heater working when there is no water in the tub, or will the "no fault" heater cut out if it detects there is no water. I guess it has a thermal cut out. sorry for all the questions, I know these lights have been an ongoing issue on the early models. I can't fathom why the control panel does not show the light menu when the lights are switched on. Thanks for you help in advance Paul
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