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  1. My friend has a small backyard. She asked me about a Spa for backyard. What do you think how small a spa could be found to fill that backyard. backyard is almost 2 meter wide.
  2. Hi all, I'm a the owner of spa. I have read some material about spa but found something missing i guess. I want to know that what should be ph level of spa water if necessary.
  3. I have a pool size 20'x10'x4' almost 3000 gallons. How much chlorine should i put in it?
  4. My hot tub pump needs a relatively simple repair, from what I'm guessing. It started leaking slightly, which means one of the seals needs replacing. Now, it is making a high pitched noise, meaning the bearings need replacing. I've found the kit online for $70, and videos as well on youtube which make it look relatively easy. Anyone know from experience how much it would cost to have a "pro" do this repair? Should I just suck it up and do it myself?
  5. How can I clean my pool using simple methods. I search some stuff, found nothing but some difficult methods. some easy methods help me in sense of my pool cleaning issue.
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