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  1. Further information - update from Clearwater informs me that my current board, 51597 is defunct and has been superseded by 51598. I can't find anything online pertaining to either of these boards, not even on Balboa's own website. He mentioned that they are both proprietary to Clearwater Spas. It's a $360 fix to go through them. Any other ideas first?
  2. Additional information - I called Clearwater and was informed by the tech that it sounds like a board issue and not a sensor issue. To test this, I disconnected the sensor connector (these are shared under one modex-type connector, one pair goes to the heater and the other pair goes to the tub) and energized to see if there was a change. There was no difference. If it is the board, when these boards fail, what typically goes wrong? I'm pretty good at swapping electronic components.​
  3. Hi everyone. So we finally caved and bought a new to us Clearwater, circa 1997. I don't know the exact model, I can't find it anywhere and like a meathead, I've lost the paperwork. It has Balboa controls on it. Long story short I got it all wired and filled and fired it up, and everything seemed fine besides a pretty substantial leak next to the niche. Water temperature was 62.7*F (ambient 65.5*F) out of the hose. After a few hours had gone by, it had climbed to 67.2*F. Awesome. I did some reading on biofilm, grossed myself out so ran to the nearest store to grab some cleaner. Was gone about an hour and a half total. I came home to the spa controls displaying "Oh." Water temperature was 67.7*F. Pump was not running. I decided to cycle the power at the breaker and when I did that, I was immediately greeted with an "Sn" code. Pump does not operate at all, doesn't go through priming, just goes straight into "Sn." Have cycled a few times, this is all I get. What paperwork I've fou​nd shows that typically a machine will operate with an Sn code, and it should flash with another number. Is this correct? I pulled resistance readings and showed 61.6kohms on the temp lead, and 54.4kohms on the high-limit (which if I understand properly is the one that goes to the shell, near the footwell. I do not have dip switches to enter a test/diagnostic mode. This was with the water temp at 63.3*F. If it matters, part numbers are as follows: Control Module: Balboa DU-GRDELT-DCA 51597 Top side controls: Balboa/Clearwater, two numbers 51558 and 33394 Sensor Assy: Balboa 30337 Edit: More information - tub has not been used for at least a year, probably much longer. Tub was stored dry, clean and covered.
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