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  1. So I have the public spa that is about 3000 gallons. It has been really cold here (like between -10 and 20*) We keep the window in the spa open to keep the room from fogging up so we lose about 3" of water/day. We refill the water everyday to keep the water level higher to prevent the filter burning out (due to evaporation). My TA for the last 2 weeks has been between 170 and 190. The water that we fill the spa with is city water. After testing it yesterday, i found that the TA of the city water is 170 (according to the taylor chem test). With this number, i would have to add acid everyday to keep the TA within normal range. Is this a big deal and what are some suggestions? the floors and walls of the spa are a type of concrete. I don't want the acid to erode the concrete. thanks!
  2. After draining the spa and adding dry acid, the Ph has dropped to 7.2. The alkaline is still at 200, would i keep adding the dry acid everyday until the alkaline drops to the range that I want? The chlorine is at a 2 right now and i am working on bringing that up. I am hoping that the levels can stay steady as I am going on vacation. Thanks for your help!
  3. Also, I tested the Alk on the city water this morning and its sitting at 200 with the taylor chem kit.
  4. Chem geek, I actually drained the spa this morning and scrubbed it out. The numbers were off the charts besides the chlorine which has been sitting at 0 unless I add instant chlorine to the water. I think the switch that controls the water allowed into the chlorine cylinder is bad. I can turn it from 0-5. It's been on 3 the last few days and chlorine is still reading at a zero. This spa is in a hotel but it's our slow season. When I checked the PH of the fill water (city water) I had a 7.8, I'm not sure if they normally run at that number. I back washed the system last week because the psi on the filter was sitting at 20 psi when it normally runs at 16 psi. I will have more information tomorrow on numbers. It seems to stay steady for about a week after draining, and sky rockets again, but that whole process takes about 2 days to complete. Filling a 2000 gallon spa with a garden hose takes time haha. Thanks for your reply!
  5. Okay, so I know nothing about spas....at least i didn't before I got this monster dropped in my lap. (I have been learning as I go) She is 2000 gallons of pure frustration! My numbers wont stay constant. My pH is extremely high as is Alk. Chlorine bottomed out this morning. I am at the end of my rope. Its an indoor spa with a sand filtration system. We are in a very small town so I have no way of having someone to come look at it. My readings this morning using the taylor chem test kit are as follows: pH:8.4 Alk: 160 Cl: 2 Can anyone help me before I try to drown myself? Let me know what readings you need, i can take them. Anything other info i can try my hardest to find. I need to get this thing leveled out! Thanks!
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