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    Adding chlorine in surge tank - possible ?

    Two kind chlorine for you: Calcium hypochlorite (clorin ) or trichloroisocyanuric tab ( clo dang vien ). Calcium hypochlrite is powder, and you have to add to swim everyday, TCCA is tablet you add once after 5 - 7 days
  2. saovietxulynuoc

    Nitrate in pool water

    Chắc chắn tôi nghĩ vậy
  3. You are wrong when shocked with trichloroisocyanuric, too high concentration cyanuric acid is the main problem with you. Drain at least 1/2 water then supply water to your pool now is the best way for you. In Vietnam, chemical used is hoa chat be boi
  4. saovietxulynuoc

    Cloudy Water Chlorine Keeps Dropping

    In my opinion in order to clarify in your pool water should use flocculation chemicals like alum sunfat insecticide use algae to identify dead algae sink to the bottom pool
  5. saovietxulynuoc

    Green Silt

    the concentration of chlorine shock of how ? you can increase the amount of chlorine, or perhaps copper contaminated water
  6. saovietxulynuoc

    Pool Green?

    You must have the test kit to check the water quality regularly, after insecticide use algae to clean brush to brush dead algae and flocculation chemicals used to algae die and sink to the bottom pool using the vacuum to remove