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  1. Jandy AquaPure 1400 chlorine generator is working intermittently. This is a newer model and the cell and sensor were replaced about 6 months ago. The system worked flawlessly after replacement up until a few weeks ago. Now, when the system is turned on, lights on the panel come on in the normal way over the first minutes of operation. Sometime after "Power On" , "Cell On", and "Flow" all show and chlorine is being produced (as tested by taking a sample near an outlet) the "Cell On" light will go off and all others will remain lit. With the "Cell On" light off, no chlorine is produced. The service light is not on and no error codes show at any time. While the "Cell On" light is off, if I push either the "Chlorine Production Rate" up or down arrow arrows, the "Cell On" light immediately comes on and chlorine production resumes. Sometime thereafter (between minutes and an hour) the "cell On" light goes off again. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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