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  1. After about four months of use, I developed a nasty all-over body itch the day after using my Bullfrog A7. No rash, just madness-inducing itching everywhere except my head (which doesn't get wet, obviously). No one else in my family, all regular tub users, has the same problem. I'm using a bromine system (tablets in a dispenser) and all my chemical levels seem okay. I've been testing regularly. I did a complete water change in case there was something nasty in the water that was causing the problem but that didn't really help. I was using the tub every day before this became an issue so I'm wondering if over-exposure made me sensitive to the chemicals. I'm also wondering if I've developed an allergy to bromine and I'm contemplating another water change and switching to a chlorine system. Or maybe the water is just really drying out my skin. Slathering up with moisturizer does seem to help. Any suggestions or advice appreciated.
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