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  1. Hello, I have a 2001 caldera niagra utopia I got used. Since Ive had it I have had intermittent problems with "OH" and "FLO". We lost power today and after it came on the tub said "FLO". I shut breaker and turned on but it didnt go through the normal start up. All the outside and inside tub lights would just flash and the air jets came on. It was starting to heat but I had no control over any buttons. Aftter a while I was able to shut the air jets but the lights just flash, I cant stop it. I hit the breaker again now it just says "FLO" and nothings running. Please help as I'm lost here. John
  2. Hello, newbie here. Im trying to gather wiring for my outdoor spa.Iknow I need 6 gauge wire. I was gonna get 6-3 from home depot to run from my 220 service to a junction box where the wire will go outside. This is where im confused. I believe I need an insulated ground outside which forces me to get 4 seperate wires to go from tub to GFCI box then to the junction box mentioned above. I wanted to get the underground cable and just nail to the underside of my deck to get to the tub but it doesnt have an insulated ground. I cant bury in conduit because the deck is only a foot off the ground but I can get in there to nail to joists. Im so confused, any help would be great. thanks
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