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  1. My wife and I owned a D1 Aurora spa for 15 years. Early on, we discovered that she had skin sensititvity issue with most sanitizer systems. I couldn't use the D1 vision (silver ion) system, chlorine, or Bromine without her getting a severe itchy skin rash. I found that I could use Baqua Spa without ussue, and I used it for several years, but it was a pain in the butt, and caused other issues. About 8-9 years ago, I tried Pristine Blue (copper sanitizer system) and it was the answer to all my problems. I could maintain crystal clear water without using any chlorine (I used only the monopersulfate shock ans pristine Blue). The D1 had a 24 hour 10 GPM circulation pump and UV type ozonator that ran 24/7 (it didn't shut off when the tub was in use). About two years ago, I started having water clarity issues and found out the UV bulb in the ozone generator had failed. I replaced the bulb and the water cleared up immediately. Fast forward .. The D1 developed a leak that could not be repaired, so we decided it was time to buy a new spa. There is no D1 dealer near us, so we shopped around and bought a Bullfrog Spa about two months ago. The Bullfrog is eqipped with a programmable 35 GPM circ pump and plasma discharge ozone generator. I have set the circ pump to run 24 hours per day, but it only runs about 18 hours per day (probably due to the fact that it is a 35 GPM pump and overheats the water). My issue is that I can't seem to keep the water clear. It reminds me of the D1 with a bad ozone generator. I have to use large doses of chlorine shock several times a week, and monopersulfate shock every day. My wife can't get in the tub for 24 hours after a dose of chlorine shock, and she now takes a shower after every hot tub use (she still has small outbreaks sometimes, despite the precautions). It still often goes from clear to cloudy overnight, and tends to foam a lot as though there are soaps / detergents in the water. We wash all swim suits in the washing machine without detergent to prevent soap in the spa, so that shouldn't be a problem. We are becoming frustrated and begining to wonder if we made a bad decision. We were happy with the D1, maybe we should have bought another one instead of the Bullfrog. The only difference I can see is the circ pump / ozone system design: The D1 has a system whereby the ozone is mixed with the water in a seperate chamber and fully consumed before the water is re-introdued into the tub so that the ozone can run even when the tub is occupied. The D1 used a UV ozone generator and the Bullfrog uses a plasma discharge generator from Del Ozone The D1 had a 10 GPM pump that never shut off. Has anyone else experienced similar issues? Is the UV generator better? I never smell ozone, even when the generator and pump are running, is it possible that the generator is not working? Any help would be appreciated.
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