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  1. I've been using the test strips and I am finding out they are a guesstimate, at best. The Taylor K-2006 looks a bit overwhelming with a dozen + bottles of solution. Would the K-1001 be a good kit to test FC and PH with? I can always move up to the K-2006 as I get more comfortable with being a chemist.
  2. I have run into issues a couple times with my ACE system not being set correctly to handle the bather load which has caused my FC to take a dive and not recover. I like the idea of setting it to keep a baseline level of FC and using bleach after each soak to sanitize. Since I use dichlor anyway to supplement the system, it seems like this is a viable solution. Am I missing something?
  3. I have a gallon of splash-less bleach and a gallon of vinegar on the shelf, so vinegar it is! Thanks for the responses, It didn't occur to me that the splash-less additive could be an issue.
  4. I plan on doing my first drain and refill next week. What can I clean the empty shell with while it is empty that won't cause issues when I refill? I was thinking a solution of water and a little bleach. Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks for the tip on removing the filter. I took it out and cleaned it, and it's running without the filter in place right now. It also ran all night without going into protection mode. I see the circ filter is different than the other 4. How often should it be replaced? The tub is a 2014 but was sitting on the floor for a while, I just got it in May of this year so the only maintenance I have done so far is cleaning the ACE cell.
  6. When I went out to it tonight, it was back in protection mode. I reset it, went for a soak and everything was fine while I was in it, as soon as I shut it off it went back to protection mode. Water level is okay, filters are visually clean and the circ pump and heater appear to be functioning. I guess I'll have to call for service, hopefully it will act up for them. Does the system keep a log of fault codes the service people can retrieve?
  7. My 2014 Envoy has done this twice this week, the display locks up and says "Protection Mode". If I flip the breakers, it reboots and seems to work okay. Any idea what could be causing this?
  8. I have the same thing going on, I need to keep the output at 9-10 just to get any measurable chlorine in the water.
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