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  1. My concrete pool(6 months) is showing some open pores at the bottom of the surface. I have been diligent with the application of chemicals, clorox and ph balance. Am I missing something. Also, what should the increment in my electric bill be on a 14x26 aprox. 10,000 gallon pool with a 2hp hayward pump running for 4 hrs. daily, considering 2 sam lights which I occasionally turn on. Thanks?

  2. Luke: After my pool screwed up and installed the Maxiflo pump, I realized I was not getting enough flow, I have a water fall feature . Have about the same size pool as yours and finally got the pool contractor,writing to the president, sales manager, etc etc. I insisted that the plans that were formally approved by the inspectors called for a Hayward 1 1/2 Northstar pump with plumbing to match.

    After several months of have really deaf ears the pool company did change out the Maxiflow for the Hayward Northstar 11/2 hp. I am very satisfied now with the Northstar as it does a fine job.

    I am from Florida in the Pembroke Pines area. I aslo have a salt system by aquarite, absolute dream its great. And I have a inground cleaning system by A&A mfg. Also works very well. I use a suction vacumm for anything that does not go through the skimmer in ground drain. hope this helps. I maintain my pool myself and check chemistry myself once a month I have a water test done by Leslies Pools store very honest and neglible expense over a year.

    Gracias casadecampos por la info estoy en puerto rico y espero tener suerte con el producto hayward. Que tal recomiendas el filtro D.E ?

    Hi Luke,

    Based on your info you have given, you have a 11,500 gal pool which means to turn the water over once a day you would require a pump that will pump 24 gallons per minute. So you don't need to large a pump to circulate the water. However, if you plan to run an automatic cleaner you will need sufficient horsepower to operate the cleaner. This can be done either using a booster pump or upsizing the pump depending on the type of cleaner and the how much you want to invest in the equipment. Also, with a water feature you will have to decide what the water demand will be for it. Sorry, a bit long winded. For efficiency you may want to put a 2 speed pump, running it on low for basic filtration and on high for the cleaner and water feature (with a valve to choose between the two) The lower speed will pull less power and still provide adequate filtration. The other choice is the two pump option, less valves more equipment.

    As for filter types you have 3 choices: Sand, DE and Cartridge. Tradittionally DE removes the smallest particles, Cartridge then sand. Sand is the easiest to use then cartridge and finally DE. As mentioned above, there are new materials for sand improving it's efficiency and effectiveness. There is Zeolite and as mentioned Glass. While these media add to the cost, the net effect is a much better, easier to use filter that requires less maintenance. Cartridge works well except when you have a clarity issue, as it does not have the circulation choices of the other two. DE is a favorite among builders in my area because it works well to keep the water clear and works well in high flow applications.

    I am a dealer for the Ecosmarte system and am a true believer in it as the best sanitation system for both you and the environment. But a a dealer I am also a bit biased. You can look at info on www.ecosmarte.com. Other choices for sanitation is the salt water chlorinator which converts a salt residual in your water into chlorine (this is the most popular option today), a chlorine ozone mix or chlorine bought from the store or a service.

    Pat Fitzgerald


    Thanks P.F. Your info really helps and honesty seems to be your strong selling point. Now one last advice, I am considerinG Aquasuperstore for my purchase. They are internet dealer and seem to have incredibly low prices in all the products, what do you suggest.

    Hi Luke

    Jeff Grotte here with www.ecosmarte.com

    I would suggest a #300 top mount sand filter with our Glass instead of sand, sand will filter down to 50 to 100 Microns and with other chemicals will get down to 10 to 20.. our glass in the same filter will filter down to 2 to 5 microns with out chemicals.

    the top mount valve will allow small floating seeds and leaves to be backwashed out.

    if you want to swim in the cleanest and safest water also look at ecosmarte, they use no salt, chlorine,bromine or other so called chemical free compounds.

    They simply take H20 and split it in to oxygen and hydrogen. the oxygen oxidizes the organisc like blood, uric acid and dead skin. the hydrogen helps keep the water bicarbionate, which keeps scale from building.

    we also release copper from our bars to kill bacteria and help control algae, the ph is keep at 6.8 and the calcium over 400.

    with over 10,000 pools using our system theier will be one close to you.

    with our programable unit your cost to operate with co2 will be $50 to $100 per year

    with our manual system $50 will be enough.

    Good luck on your pool, they are one of the best things you will every do.

    Jeff Grotte

    Thank you so much.

  3. which pump and filter system is best for an inground 13'x26' pool 3.5' in shallow and 5.5' in deep end. I want low cost in energy, high efficiency and of course low maintenance in both products. As of today I am considering Hayward. I will add a simple waterfall next to the pool. Please advice on correct and necessary horse powers to use. Also, which is the best and low maintenance filter system. Thanks to you all.

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