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  1. We have a 2002 Sundance Cameo that stated to trip the 240 GFI every few days. Since I have a 'time of use' electricity service, the spa is in 'Economy mode' so it only heats up during the cleaning cycles. I set the cleaning cycles to run during the night (cheaper electricity) so that when I get into the spa ( ~6 am) the spa is at the desired temp (~100f) The GFI trips sometimes during the night... every few days..... It Never trips while using the spa with all 4 consumers on (circulating pump, big motor, the two speed pump and air blower going) Things I did so far. 1) Ozone generator was >5 years old so I replace it. ---> No help 2) Circulating pump was 13 years old so I replaced it with a more efficient one --> No help 3) Heater element was 13 years old so I replaced it --> No help GFI test button in the main panel work well --- H E L P -- What should I do next ?
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