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  1. I have a 2000 Sweetwater Palermo spa. The water temperature is 3 degrees lower than the digital readout on the display on my control panel. (the temperature from a thermometer of the water reads 97 degrees but the display reads 100). I have a new heater, new filter and recently changed the water. I've had this spa since 2000 and am very familiar with how it heats and this is really not normal for the spa. Any clues what the issue might be? Sensor, topside control panel, etc.? Thanks.
  2. I have a Sweetwater Palermo spa from 2001. I changed the water a week ago. The next day when I looked out at the spa, the temperature reading was exactly where I set it for, but every 5 or 10 seconds I'd get the FL1 message. So I took out the filter and replaced it with a brand new filter. The problem seemed to go away. That was 8 days ago. Today I opened up the spa for a soak and the temperature was still exactly where I set it for. But when I turned on the 2-speed circulation pump to get the jets running on low speed, the FL1 flashed, then went away for about 5 minutes. When I shut o
  3. Sundance Sweetwater Palermo Spa 2001 model. 2 speed pump where it joins the PVC pipe at the union joint is leaking. First tried tightening union joint - still leaked. Drained spa, took apart union joint and put new o-ring in (there was a small piece of debris on the o-ring so I figured that was causing the problem.) Put together the union joint again with the new o-ring, filled the spa with water, and it's still leaking. Union joint is tightened enough. Any body have any clues what to try next? Thanks.
  4. I have a 2001 Sweetwater Palermo spa made by Sundance. The union joint where it joins the 2 speed pump developed a leak. It drips when the pump isn't running and when it is running, the water coming out is a steady stream. I can't loosen the union joint. While noticing this problem, I also noticed that when the 2 speed pump is turned on, the 2 rear bolts on the pump aren't really holding the pump securely to the base of the spa, so for a second when turned on, it rocks for a second due to the force of the water flow. I think I can replace the wood under the pump so that the motor is secur
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