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  1. Just to close this off. The problem just went away. Heat/pumps stay on. perhaps just unplugging/replugging the thermistor wires helped ? Thanks again for assistance.
  2. So the bubbles are relatively big and quite strong, and not like tiny. could those just come from the Ozone generator?
  3. Hi, I experience a blinking light and hoping to get some help troubleshooting: Hot Springs Grandee G 1995. After some time I get a blinking red light, and the Main Jets and the Light won’t work anymore until I turn off/on power again. However, when the light is blinking, I still see bubbles which would mean the circulation pump still runs, right ? I tried to run without filters and also installed new filters, with the same result, after a while (1-2 hours, the red light starts blinking) Also ran with Heater dial turned all down, same results. Is this indicative of a bad circulation pump? ( despited still seeing bubbles produced? ) Thank you, Sebastian
  4. Just to close this: I replaced the 20amp breaker on Monday, and since then it has been working fine. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks again for your insight! After a few hours, it tripped while heater and circulation pumped were disconnected (and no use otherwise) So I guess next step, I will replace the 20amp breaker.
  6. I take back my last comment about the disconnected heater. The breaker still trips with the Heater not being connected to power.
  7. Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes, when the 20amp breaker trips nothing in the spa seems to be powered( no red led, no pumps, circulators working). Also you are right about the ozone generator, once circulating, the leak stopped( which makes sense too me now :-) . I also disconnected power to the ozonator (which i could identify today as a Fresh Water II unit). But the breaker still tripped. My latest "test" was to disconnect the heater from the power, and so far it has not been tripping. Not sure if this is enough of an indication, that the heater unit is bad. For the the one thermistor I think just need to get a new o-ring to stop the small leak. Could that leak actually causing the issue? its relatively small, a few drops just going down the heater, but it's not that any other electrical things are getting flooded by it.
  8. Hi, I am running into a problem with my vintage 1995 Hot springs Grandee G. The 20amp breaker (not the 30amp one) is tripping after a few hours of use. The interval seem to be random. E.g. i filled up the tub, and it tripped after a few minutes. After i reset it, it was running for the whole night, and must have tripped after about 12 hours. After that it ran for about 3hours until it tripped again. The water did heat up over night, and also all the pumps seem to be working. What I noticed from looking into the unit: I am observing two leaks. One "at the end" of the Watkins no fault 5500, at the thermistor, is a small leak The second leak i found at a box which is behind the left pump attached to the inner wall of the tub. i assume this is the ozonator? it has a clear plastic tubing going into it and it leaks where it goes into the box. It's hard to reach, so i can't quite see. Any suggestion on how to trouble shoot this would be appreciated. thanks, Sebastian
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