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  1. I'm not sure what happened to my last reply but - Thanks to everyone who responded with thoughts and advice regarding the Paramount system and also the ideas about the Polaris models! We've decided to go with the Paramount so wish us a happy experience - we'll back it up with one of the the Polaris models int he future if need be.
  2. We are planning a new inground pool and will become first time pool owners. Our pool contractor has suggested a Paramount PCC 2000 for cleaning our 13 by 26 foot pool with spa. Can anyone offer information or advice regarding this cleaning system - pros and cons? I have also been reading several favorable reviews of the Polaris brand cleaners and am wondering if this would be a better alternative? Or - my understnading so far is that the Polaris 360 works off the return line of the pool. So - if this is true, could a Polaris be purchased at some time in the future, if the PCC2000 did not prove adequate? My major concern is to "build-in" what needs to be and not regret a poor decision that can't be changed in the future. And, in case it isn't obvious, I know very little about pool ownership and maintanance so any advice will be appreciated! Thanks! FloridaBound
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