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  1. Hi all.... I'm new to this forum and I have a service question that the customer service manager at Artesian couldn't solve; also a spa repairman on site at my house couldn't solve. So I am hoping the collective wisdom & experience from this site might be able to uncover my mystery. I have had this issue for over a year -- I know, a whole year without my spa!! I have a 2006 Artesian Piper Glen (Platinum Series). In the spring of 2014 my spa stopped working. After some initial troubleshooting, I was instructed to purchase a new spa pack. So, I installed a new in.xm2 spa pack. When that didn't solve my issue, I was instructed that it could be my heater could be faulty. So I replaced that as well. CURRENT ISSUE: When I turn on the power, I am getting the blinking “SP-IN” error code but I can’t change anything. The “select” key is unresponsive, even after holding down the select key for 10-15 seconds. So I am unable to set the LL code to 28 (told to me by Gecko dealer through Artesian service dept). I have checked and rechecked the connections -- they are tight, no corrosion, etc all the way back to the main breaker. I have checked and rechecked the voltage. Here’s what I did and the results: Checked the voltage at the spa pack on the tops of the terminals (big bolts): o Hot#1 to white= 119.7v o Hot#2 to white= 120.0v o Hot#1 to Hot#2= 239.9v o White to ground=0.029v There is still no response when trying to press the “select” key for 2 sec, 5 sec, 30 sec. BTW, I have tried re-installing the old equipment as well. The Model & Serial numbers for the equipment are as follows: SPA: Model: Pipe Glen Serial #: 71505 Date: June 5, 2006 Control Panel: ink.600 NEW EQUIPMENT (currently installed): SPA PACK (in.xm2): Model: IN.XM1 (prod ID 0601-221104) Serial #: 141000748G IN.THERM: Model:IN.THERM-H4.0 (prod ID 0603-409001) Serial #: 132820202G In case you need to know... ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT (previously installed): SPA PACK (in.xm): Model: IN.XM1 (prod ID 0601-221010) Serial #: 060531571 IN.THERM: Model:IN.THERM-H4.0 (prod ID 0603-416001) Serial #: 060411581 Does this make any sense to anyone?? Thanks for taking the "challenge" /Joe
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