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  1. What are you using for sanitizer? And how are you using said sanitizer?
  2. Does the display come on? Have you checked the fuse/s inside?
  3. Yea reset, and while it's disconnected check all your electrical connections.
  4. Correction, the idea of using the pumps to offset the lack of full insulation, not heat.
  5. Can you tell where it's leaking from? Is it in the equipment bay?
  6. I like to use Majilube on all threads. Teflon take on some along with lube.
  7. Not sure about this blue jean insulation thing your talking about. I think there are better choices out there than Maxx.
  8. I'd agree with Doc on this. 99% of the leaks I have fixed are in the equipment bay. 1 leak in the plumbing for every 100 in the equipment bay. However freeze damage is different and caused most likely by a failure in the equipment bay (control panel, pumps, electrical) Do they all leak, yes eventualy. But leaks are not catastropic if you check and maintain your tub.
  9. I think the primary reason water changes are reccomended at 3-4 months because it's all in the response of the water. Dirty water (high tds) is slow to respond to bubbles. (they move slower) And with fresh water the bubbles travel faster and the water clarity is beautiful. It's crisp.....less tiny foam bubbles. Theres nothing like fresh water and that first soak after a water change. So manage your CYA and TDS once that's licked, sounds like you have it, then go 4-5 months. If that doesn't work go less, or more.
  10. I agree, poor customer service. Tell me why it's not working after you fixed it. It's only 3 1/2 years into a 5 year warranty. Have em bring a new control box, heater and topside controller. A guy for a day and 200 miles is 400 bucks though.......
  11.    Get a meter from your dealer or buy your own, to put on the tub for 6 months, preferably all extremes. This is the only true way to know what the tub is costing. There can be many factors that are effecting your increase, more dryer time for towels, more lights for entrance and exit from the tub, amount of use, climate variations to name a few of many possible causes. Do you use a floating blanket under your hard cover? Is the hard cover fitting properly and always down tight? How much do you use the tub? Have your kwh rates increased because of a tier system? How often do you change your water? How is your filtering programmed? Double per month means how much to us? From 30-60 or more like from 100-200? I could go on and on but there are some things to start checking into.
  12. I agree, the covers quality needs to be better the further north you get. Arctic does supply a very high quality OEM cover.
  13. Could of been the connection? That's not a typical symptom from a loose ground.
  14. But you have to be willing to have swirling hot water versus hydrotherapy.
  15. I disposed of a almost working 26 YO tub a couple years back. but wow 30....and still working. It's a classic. Keep it going. A leak would scare me also. I'd move it out under the stars for it to retire.
  16. Yes I would use only one outside by the tub. If something breaks it could be caused by the GFCI. It's nicer for repair when it's only one, outside.
  17. Here's my opinion on Maxx. They have better insulation for fixing leaks. But not for insulating.
  18. Barb it depends on what you tub needs to filter based on your use. 2 hours twice a day is common but you may need 4 hours twice a day.
  19. Yea you could get yourself some SO cable and hard wire it temporarily into your panel. Your local welding supply place can rent you SO cable.
  20. Fill it up and turn it on then come back and see us. Get some chlorine.
  21. I would worry way more about comfort and quality then sanitation.
  22. I live in the country but I would never consider purchasing a place if there was any rules as to what I can and can't do on MY property. Unless the HOA is paying my taxes. Old resurrected thread? 7 years.
  23. Thanks Dennis. Part of a quality manufacturers customer service has to be a presence in the digital world. d1 lover, tell us how that tubs been for you? My all time favorite model, still. Open, comfortable and powerful. I've had 2 used ones and soaked in a brand new one a few years back. 04 was the year of my first. I use to refurb, sell and dispose.
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