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  1. I swapped out the double 20 breaker to a single 20 and everything works correctly! Thank you so much for your help!
  2. both breakers are wired for 220v per the panel diagram i went off of. It disnt say anything about changing one of them to 110. Honestly im sure how I would change that? I did not use the panel they suggest. I ended up going with a siemens 125 panel and GFCI breakers. And yes the entire thing is grounded correctly. I have tried unplugging the control panel and plugging it back in and it doesnt do anything. Both lights are the same whether it is plugged in or not. I did notice that the display activates but nothing displays. kinda of like a digital clock where u can faintly see all display, but nothing actually functions.
  3. I purchased a used Hot Springs Prodigy H hot tub. They originally had it wired using the 115 VAC wiring. When I installed it I went ahead and converted the tub to the 220 VAC converted Spa wiring. I did everything as described. Used 8-3 wire from the panel to the sub panel (55ft). then 10-2 and 12-2 wire from the two (30A & 20A) GFCI breakers in the sub panel to the hot tub (8ft). All wires are sealed in the liquid tight casing and fittings. I removed the jumpers on the Terminal block and installed one at the 4 & 5 locations and installed the program jumpers in locations 1, 2, 3, & 9 as directed by the owners manual and the wiring label on the back of the board cover. When I turn on power to the spa the LIM OK light is lit up green and the control unplugged is lit up red. Nothing will operate. I have triple checked everything and I can not seem to figure out what I am over looking. The control is plugged in and I witnessed it with my own eyes working correctly before I swapped it to the 230 VAC converted spa requirements. What am i missing?
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