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  1. So it's running fine technically, just giving error? Is it heating? Mine was not heating on the low filtration cycle and only heating when jets were on. I did a slight adjustment on the pressure switch and all is good now. I have a cal spa about a 2000 year model.
  2. I adjusted the pressure switch about a half turn counterclockwise and now it heats on the low cycle. Easy fix that my spa guy told me over the phone.
  3. I noticed I was losing water. I pulled cover panel off and noticed that the drain tube was leaking at the valve. I tried opening and closing the valve, but it's still leaking. Probably just old valve and needs replaced. Can this be easily done? Do I have to drain entire tub to replace the valve? The valve is at the end of the hose/tub that comes from bottom of tub and is used to drain tub. I would assume a trip to spa store to buy the shut off valve and an easy unscrew old and screw in new would fix? I'm new at this so any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. Any ideas here on why it's not heating during filtration cycle? It's getting cold out and it running constantly now on the low cycle because it won't heat to keep it at 102 degrees. Costing me money to have it run all day and not heat.
  5. So my '99 cal spa doesn't heat during filtration cycle. Light doesn't come on either. It will heat when jets are turned on and the heat light will come on. Found some small ball bearing type things at bottom of the spa. Related? Also had a jet pop out could be that?
  6. So ran it all night without the filter cartridge in it. It was on low cycle when I went to bed and still cycling when I got up. I had it set at 100 and when I just looked the current temp was only 99. I have a feeling it just cycled all night. The heat light never comes on when low cycling.
  7. I'll try it, but I've had the spa about a month and I bought a new filter when I first started it up. Also, it's like as soon as I hit the jet button to turn them off, the heater light goes off. Safety suction light is always one though. I've guessed that my cal spa is a 2000 model, one pump, 7x7 model.
  8. Sounds like the same problem I'm currently encountering. Wondering how you fixed it and if it's heating now when it should and not just when jets are on?
  9. Now I'm wondering if something is messed up with the heater. When I turned the jets on full, the heater light goes on (if heat is needed). But it seems that if temp is below what it's set and it kicks on the low filtration the heat light doesn't come on. Hence it being several hours later and it hasn't heated up the 2 or 3 degrees needed. Thoughts and questions please.
  10. Thanks SpaGuru. I'm new to this but seems like the thing is running every time I go outside to check. Then I'll check the temp and it's set where I like it. Then I'll kick jets on for a second and turn them off and everything shuts down. I just don't want it running all day and have a crazy high electric bill.
  11. So I bought a used Cal Spa a few weeks ago. From everything I've read and pillows I replaced, I believe it's a 2001. It has one pump and a 7x7 with lounger. My question is when I first turned it on it heated up and next morning it was quiet and brought up to heated level. Now I've used it a few times and it seems like the thing is constantly running. I've checked the filtration cycle and put it on F2. So when it's up to heated level it should only kick on 2 times in 24 hour for filtration. Correct? Unless it drops below my desired heat level. Also running on standard mode and not economy. I have small children that like to push the buttons and I'm a first time hot tub owner so goes easy on me! Thanks. Eric
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