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  1. Hi recently bought a used garden leisure spa don't know the year but the model I believe is a Camillia standard. it seats 6 and has 2 pumps. when I power on the spa normal or low pressure will come through the waterfall and the jets on the seats next to the waterfall. this is pump #1 when I press pump #1 a second time more pressure comes out of the same location mentioned above not a problem. the issue is that nothing is coming out of half the spa the jets are on . if I press pump # 2 button the #2 pump blows water out of the diverter about 2 feet high and the jets that where off are now on and the water shoots out of the spa. is it possible that pump #2 has is a super pump and I just need to replace the diverter valve so it doesn't come off when pump #2 is turned on? or can I just disconnect the second pump and only run pump #1 with medium pressure?
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