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  1. Hello All, I'm experiencing an odd behavior with my CalSpa 5000 w/ Dualy pump, and hoping this forum can help me troubleshoot. Lately my spa is having trouble activating the low-speed pump. When it cycles, the motor comes on, but the pump does not. It 'hums' but the jets do not activate. When not cycling, the same behavior is observed when I hit the jet button. In both cases, the high-speed pump works fine. The odd behavior: after hitting the high-speed pump, the low-speed works fine. It's as if the high-speed pump either improves flow / opens a gate somewhere, or it kicks the low speed pump into gear. Based on responses in multiple forums, I disabled the suction sensors by pulling the grey wires out of the motheboard this afternoon. That did not fix the problem. Thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have. Chris
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