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  1. Every post I've seen with this EXACT issue, it's never been the flow switch (though few every report the issue has been resolved either way) It simply doesn't make sense to be the flow switch given the issues. However...I may have finally found the issue. The 24/hr circ pump is programmable as you stated. The time starts at midnight. The circ pump will run no matter what if it hasn't reached the set temperature. When you lose power for a long time, the settings reset, mine go back to 12am start time with a duration of 1hr vs 24hr. So if the tub reaches the set temp before 12am, it trys to sh
  2. Nope, control panel is locked out. Only thing running is the circ pump.thanks
  3. Also, during the solid FLO error, the circ pump never stops, still keeps going but of course I'm locked out of all controls.
  4. PreservedSwine, When the spa is off, flow switch tests as "1." (same as if I don't put the meter probes on anything). When the spa is turned on, it reads "0.00" so there is change between on and off. If the spa is on and the solid FLO comes on, if I remove the harness and the wires for the flow switch, the flow switch tests "0.00". The two pumps turn on when not in an error state, and the circulation pump is working as water is coming out into the spa (when not in error state) I checked the jumpers and while there is no documentation for the jumper settings that I could find, they have
  5. It's a 24/7 circulation pump, there's always flow and the flow switch should always be closed as long as the hot tub is being supplied power, no? Maybe I'm confused. When the solid FLO came on last night, I unplugged the harness from the board and plugged it back in. I heard a couple clicks and looked at the screen and solid FLO came back after just a few seconds. During this time I also tested it and my tester displayed 0.00 when I tested it when it had the error. Thanks everyone.
  6. Well, after putting off, yet again, I've come back to working on the hot tub. So here's where I'm at. - I drained the tub and cleaned the build up off of the flow switch. - Bought new filters - Filled it back up by placing the hose in the filter intake and let it heat up. The hot tub was on for hours while it heated up, as soon as it reached it's set temp, solid flo error. So, the flow switch is good and it errors shortly after reaching the set heat. Would this have anything to do with the relay or some other motherboard issue? Since it doesn't happen until it's heated up, I don't see thi
  7. Thanks. To confirm it's not a bad board, could I loop a single wire into the lume to make it think the flow switch is closed so if the FLO still appears, I know it has nothing to do with the flow switch or an airlock, but the issue has to be with the board?
  8. Thank you Dr. Spa! So I checked the flow switch with a multimeter. When the spa is off, i get no readings. When I turn it on, I get 0.00 and when I use sound mode, it does beep. So I take it that means the flow switch is good? Any chance it can be flaky? I'm going to pick up a new water hose and run water through the system as suggested in other posts to get rid of airlocks. I also removed the filter and solid FLO still happened. Seriously hope it's just an airlock, spent a lot of money on the spa and only used it a couple of times. I'm off work for 2 weeks so hoping to finally resolve t
  9. Is the gold screw on the top of this image the bleed valve? http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/71vuBttdtiL._SL1500_.jpg If so, I was looking at it and it was unscrewed a bit so I tightened it up. But other wise, just unscrew it all the way while the system is running and then tighten it again? Thanks for the reply.
  10. Brand: Sundance Model: Optima 850 After months I finally decided to get a new circulation pump since it's getting cold now. After installing the new circulation pump, the hot tub will turn on and heat up just fine and have no issues for 6 or 9 hours. After this time, I now get a SOLID FLO error. While most everyone says it's the Flow Switch, no one has posted a similar issue to mine. Everyone has said that within seconds or minutes of turning the hot tub on that they get the error. Mine will go for hours though, through multiple cycles (cycles are 12am, 6am, 12pm, 6pm). Could it still be th
  11. With the circulation pump not working, it is okay to leave the spa on so it does it's 4x a day run times to help keep the water clean? Any harm in this?
  12. Good morning! My Sundance Optima 850 has the FLO error and the circulation pump is not running. If the flow switch is bad, will this keep the circulation pump from running? Or is it for sure the circulation pump? (well...unless it's a control board issue I suppose) The flow switch does have a little debris on it which made me suspect it, but if the $50 part is causing the issue, that's better than the $200 part! haha! Thanks!
  13. The fuse fixed the issue. POWER HAS BEEN RESTORED! YAY!
  14. Update 2: Local Spa store actually gave me a new fuse for FREE! How cool is that?! The fuse fixed the power issue, spa is back on! However...I now have a FLO error. I have removed the filter but still get the FLO error. I looked at the pressure switch and noticed some brown stuff stuck on it. Tapped it with a wrench and some came off, but not all. With that said, it's not heating either. So not sure if the issue is with the pressure switch or with the circulation pump. Out of the two, are both capable of blowing the buss time-delay fuse? Might help narrow down which unit is bad. Thank you.
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