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  1. I'm getting very close to buying a Marquis Spa "The Promise." Can anyone offer any feedback the Marquis brand? What price you paid for the model?
  2. I'm looking for an affordable, quality factory direct spa. I would like it to seat 5/6 people, have decent pump hp, and preferably be 34"-36" deep. I do not want a spa where I'm paying for extras like lights and mp3 player. I dont want to go through a local dealer and pay a higher price for their warranty service. The minimum manufacturer's warranty is okay with me. I can fix problems that arise, but I do really want to find something that is quality made. I dont mind paying for quality, just not extras. Can anyone recommend a spa brand that sells direct from the factory, so I can save
  3. I guess, I meant they claim to be the manufacturer and are selling direct to consumers. I found their brand on Sears and Overstock.com. They also sell under the brand name Laguna Bay Spas.
  4. I came across this company through the website recdirectfactoryoutlets.com. They sell spas under the name brand Dr Wellness. They say they sell as a private label to Sears and other chain stores (which is true). They offer a really great deal by selling direct from manufacturer, but I'm afraid its too good to be true. I haven't found much for consumer reviews on these. Does anyone have any input on these?
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