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  1. Tx Greenhorn for the response and info. I have s/u the bromide bank. I am not sure if I will use 2 or 3 step bromine mgmt. So far, I'm following 2 step, but I'm unclear on what to do if I need to add more bromine... Add some bromine granules I have (maybe 1 tsp) to bring up level, or use chlorine shock to activate bromine from the bromide bank? Btw, my spa us approx 300 gal., and I read I would use 3/4 cup of 6% bleach or 1 cup of 5 and some change% bleach to shock. But , do I add that same amount ea. time if I check the bromine and it is low? Can a bromide bank ever be completely used up from shocking? The 3 step system does seem easier with regards to not having to do daily management/checking of bromine, which seems like has to happen w/ the 2 step.
  2. Tx for taking the time to reply Greenhorn. Should I be concerned of what the manufacturer rep told me that it is not recommended to use floaters with bromine as it can lead to over-sanitization, which could lead to extra wear on spa parts/equipment such as pump, heater, seals? For example, after my wife and I moved into the home, I soon thereafter noticed that the spa was leaking from the equipment compartment. It turned out that one of the seals/washers on the pump had failed due to wear. It was replaced. I emailed my manufacturer rep and he stated that it is possible that the bromine floater that was being used could have caused this. As such, he recommended bromine granules. But, it makes no sense that it was never mentioned to me about setting a bromine reserve. It does not seem logical that it is possible to use my 300 gal. spa right after a water change with having balanced the water chem and sanitizing with 3 tsp. of bromine granules and MPS, vs. setting up a bromine reserve. Perhaps, the wear on the pump seal was attributed to other chemicals being out of balance, pH or TA. Could that be? Lastly, in Waterbear's post here and at TroubleFreePool titled "How do I use Bromine in my spa (or pool)?", it discusses that either MPS or chlorine can be used to shock. Which one will have less effect on TA and pH? Also, with either the step 2 or step 3 method, do I add any bromine granules or shock after using the spa (I have been told to use 1 tsp of bromine granules after using the spa)?
  3. Hi, Unfortunately, I found this website after I had already drained/filled my spa. I have been in contact with the rep at Aquaterra, the manufacturer of my spa, and went of his info to bal ance the water, but I am seriously questioning the info. I have a 300 gal. Aquaterra Vitale spa for which I sanitize with bromine granules and shock with MPS. Per his recommendation, I don't use a bromine floater as that was possibly the cause of needing to have a seal on the water pump/filter replaced as the spa was leaking. He stated bromine floaters are not recommended for my spa as they oversanitize and can damage the jets, pumps, etc. Per his instructions, I balance the water and then added my bromine and shock. I added 3 tsp of bromine granules and 3 Tbsp of MPS on Sat. 4/12. Everyday since I have been checking the water chem b/c I have now learned of the benefits of test kits vs. strips and I notice the bromine have been very low. I have added about 1 tsp per day on Sun. and today Mon. Also, after I used the spa on Sat. I added 1 tsp. of bromine as I was instructed to add 1 tsp. after I use it. Basically, my question is how do I balance the bromine so I don't have to keep checking it daily? Should I use a bromine floater, or is that the cause of premature seal and component wear? What do I do now for a bromine reserve? FYI, I have read and bookmarked Nitro's water maintenance post and also Waterbear's Bromine for Beginners post. I don't know who to follow, Nitro/Waterbear or the manufacturer rep. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tx.
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