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  1. I have a 2001 Jetsetter that has very inconsistent heating. It seems to 'forget' to heat even though the Ready light is on. Today the water was 90 with the temp set to 104. But turning the power off and back on sometimes works to get it heating again. Also the temperature does not correspond very well with the temp on the control panel, usually lower by several degrees or more. If I want 102 I have to put it way above that. I have cleaned the thermistors which were pretty slimy and replaced the heater with a spare I had. I know the heater works as it has gotten as high as 107. Could it be bad thermistors or maybe the mother board? Any other ideas I have may have missed?
  2. I have an older Jetsetter with the IQ 2000 control panel. The heater heats the water to the set temp and then shuts off as it should but intermittently it won't turn back on when the water cools below the set temp. Turning off the power resets it and it works ok again for a while. Relay problem in the control panel?? Are the relays replaceable or does the whole board have to go? ps the Ready light glows steady even when the tub cools and the heater doesn't turn back on.
  3. Does anyone know of plumbing diagram of the Hot Springs Jetsetter? Or a picture of the plumbing before the foam is blown in? Mine is a 2000 model but any year would be useful. While digging out foam looking for a leak I have managed to cut two small hoses that I had no idea were there.
  4. My 2000 Jetsetter has a very slow leak that stops when it reaches the neck jets. Any advice on where the leak might originate? Specifically would it be in the jet itself which is replaceable or in the plumbing nearby? Also, how are the neck jets removed? Thanks, I couldn`t find anything related to this online.
  5. I bought a used Jetsetter, cleaned it up, replaced the circ pump and ozonator and it was working fine except it would shut down and flash the dreaded red light for no apparent reason. After trying all the basic fixes with no luck I started noticing it only did it when the control panel was bumped. Taking the cover off and randomly bumping components I narrowed it down to one of the connections from the heater to the control panel. Opening the connection I noticed one of the female bullet connections was pried apart slightly. I pushed it together with two tiny screwdrivers and the problem was solved. I don`t know the function of this connector but just a slight break in the current shut off the heater. Hopefully these Picasa pics will work. Just wanted to post this to hopefully help others as I have been helped by this forum. https://picasaweb.google.com/107536012510809445934/April102014#6000789169103902098 https://picasaweb.google.com/107536012510809445934/April102014#6000789169827646370