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  1. Let me first say that I am not attempting to do any electrical work myself, but my landlord sends his general maintenance guy to do the electric work on the pool. I'd like to be able to know if he's doing the work correctly. Our light went out a few months ago and a pool guy came out last week to replace it. He tried to check the GFCI but we don't have one. He wouldn't replace the light and recommended an electrician. The junction box is a few feet from the pool and is a box with a front cover (no GFCI). The light switch is in a breaker box that is dedicated to the pump and light. Do I just need a GFCI receptacle in the junction box, or is it not that simple? The house was built in the 60's. I don't know how old the pool is but it's possibly as old as the house. I am purchasing the house soon and want the work done correctly. Also, the front cover has not been on the junction box. Ii think it's been off for a few months and I'm wondering if water got in and behind the light. Would that cause the light to go out? I got a cover and fixed it yesterday. Thanks for any feedback....
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