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  1. I have been using Bromine in my tub per the bromine for beginners sticky- ( bromine tabs and bleach) and have been very happy. I just cleaned and refilled the spa and went to a different dealer for the bromine bank-they insisted that "Shock Oxidizer" was the right stuff. I came home and put 2 oz in the tub. Upon closer look at the bottle-It is not sodium bromide it is potassium peroxymonosulfate. I am confused as to how to undo this mistake-or is it not a problem? Do I need to go someplace else and get sodium bromide, and can I add it any time-do I need to test for anything? Can I add
  2. I have added CYA and have maintained 50ppm for several days, but I can't get the chlorine level above 2.5 and it won't even stay there for 24 hours. This am it was down to 1.5. PH and TA are fine Should I keep adding 12%? or is 1-2.5% an OK range. The pool is in full sun, but I am the only person who swims in it regularly, so bather load is low ( unless we have guests) Thanks again for your help
  3. So if I get pure CYA how much do I add? And do I keep adding 12% bleach, or add CYA first and then bleach? What do I want the CYA reading to be? Sorry for all the questions, but I am new to chlorine!
  4. Ok, I spent last week adding bleach, scrubbing and circulating, and the water is crystal clear ( yay!). I finally added 2 gals of 12% bleach last night because I had not been able to get an FC reading. The reading was 15ppm after an hour of circulating, 7ppm this morning and after 6 hours in the bright sun, back to zero. PH is fine. Can you advise what I should do next? Should I keep adding 12% until it holds, or is to natural for it to dissipate after a day in the sun? Also, I 've read a lot about CYA, and would prefer not to have to deal with it ( by using tabs) . Can I exist with
  5. took a water sample to be tested for Baqua to see how much was left after winter-1ppm balanced PH, TA and CH, started to add bleach tested for FC yesterday 10 this am 1 added more bleach circulating, backwashing and robot cleaning constantly water looks like milk will this go away? How often should I be adding bleach? should I use a stronger chlorine product? how long will it take for the wtaer to clear of do I need a different product for this?
  6. I will need to add a foot of water before connecting the skimmer-should I do the conversion before adding the water? I have a robotic cleaner I can use to circulate and clean the water. Seems crazy to contaminate fresh water with baqua if its not necessary
  7. I will be changing the water in my new Sundance Certa for the first time next week ( after three months of use) . The manual says to turn off power to the spa before removing the filter, but on my old tub, I removed the filter then used a cleaning product (Spa Purge) to clean the jets before I changed the water. -is it ok to use this stuff with the new tub-even if it means running the tub with the filter out? Is that going to do any harm ,or is this step not necessary -I don't want to void my warranty! Thanks in advance for your help
  8. I still want to switch the pool to chlorine. Which Taylor kit do I need? What kind of chlorine will I need for the conversion? Pool is 24' round-how much should I put in to begin, and when during the process should I change the sand?
  9. Thanks chem geek, for your reply. I thought spa and pool had to be on the same sanitizer ( we use the spa extensively year round, especially in early summer when the pool is still cold ) Spa is presently on bromine, but I bought a second filter in case we need to switch it to chlorine for pool season) I am not looking forward to the conversion of the pool, but as soon as I know what I'll be converting TO, that's my next question!!
  10. Had both spa and pool with Baquacil Recently bought new spa-switched it to bromine Need to convert pool by summer Should I use bromine in pool or switch both to chlorine for pool season (plan to drain and clean the tub around that time anyway)
  11. We just purchased a new spa and after much reading of reviews and in-person testing, went with a Sundance. Jet power was our #1 priority. We have a Certa and it is fantastic. Did you try Sundance?
  12. We had a RoboKleen pool cleaner that lasted for 6 years ( apparently we were lucky) . I am ready to splurge on a new robot, but can't figure out which one is the best value. We don't have a lot of leaves or large debris, mostly fine dirt from the nearby highway, and some algae. Does anyone have experience with these who can make a suggestion? I am willing to go as high at $700 for the right machine with several year warranty, but don't see many for above-ground pools online.
  13. Thank you!! I added 10 oz of bleach last night, tested it today and got a reading of 5ppm. (Yes have the Taylor 2106 kit). Do I need to add 10 oz every night, or just if the bromine reading is low? I do have a new Sundance tub with "Clearay" -not sure if that will reduce frequency of shocking. Thanks again for your help-this forum is GREAT!!
  14. We have a new tub-using Bromine for the first time (old tub was Baquacil). I followed the Bromine for Beginners start up instructions to the letter. I am still am not getting a Bromine reading. I have Taylor test kit-check Ph daily-it's 7.4-7.8, have added small amounts of bleach to try to raise the bromine level, (but am reluctant to keep adding bleach without guidance). The first Bromine tab I put in at start up is gone-added two more on Sunday-still no pink when I test. We use the tub for about an hour every night. Its been a week now and I am not sure how to proceed. Can any one
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