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  1. Hi all, as someone considering building a pool, the electricity costs and efficiency of the pump are important. Does anyone have the EcoPump by SpectraLight? I've read that they are really efficient and have a 3 yr warranty, saving time and money always a good thing. Their claim to fame is their new technologies for efficiency and cleaner water. I'd love some insights! Thanks!
  2. Wow, great pics! Thank you! That is the size we wanted but we'd lose an awful lot of green space for the dogs. I think that I'll spray paint and see how it 'feels'. Do you have tinted concrete? What kind of liner is that? I love the color! Thanks!
  3. Hi all, Newbie here considering a vinyl pool in our relatively small backyard. 14x28 with 4' of concrete decking is all that we can realistically do and still have some grass for the dogs and trees. Is this worth doing? Is it really too small for family and friends to enjoy? I'm worried about spending all this money to have my dream of a pool be dashed when it is in and feels too small. I'd love some insights and thoughts. Thanks!!
  4. Spa Savant, thank you for your reply! I don't think our yard will accommodate anything larger, so my question is... do it or don't? I don't want to spend all of this money, swallow up our little yard and regret it! I'd love a pool but don't want to feel that I don't really have one due to it being too small. Maybe I should post that separately... How much do you pay for your energy bill? Do you run it 24/7? How often do you heat it and how much does that cost? Thank you!!
  5. Newbie considering building an inground vinyl pool 14x28. Lots of questions: 1. Is this too small to really enjoy it? Would go to 7' in deep end but want to enjoy with friends and family. 2. For those veteran pool owners, would you do it all again? Why or why not? 3. What are the biggest issues to be aware of right from the start? Thanks!
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