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  1. It's Michael aka, MWS, from San Martin area with the crazy hot-rodded H2X. I also have a 1998 or so, 8x8 Optima that needs a standard hot tub cover-- and remember having conversations with you about the good cover material/ choices, etc.   Got any wisdom for shopping for one?


  2. see this movie trying to figure out what size O-ring to use for the 1997 era Sundance Optima diverter valve cap. The 6540-865 O-rings I bought are too big, Perhaps it needs a 6541-240? The ID of the valve chamber is 2.36" or so.
  3. we have a prop-powered Masterspas H2X, which is the precursor to the Michael Phelps. The newer H2Xs are cheezily designed and have jets instead of a prop. I don't consider jets to truly be a "swim" spa. For the record, my wife has swam in H2X, Swimex and Endless Pool with "fastlane" propulsion, and she likes the propulsion from Endless Pool best, but we could not find a used fiberglass Endless for as cheap as we found a used H2X. The steel-framed Endless Pools are an endless nightmare of leaks, insulation issues, thousands in upkeep, and thousands of dollars from a "certified" tech to assemble
  4. Another thought. I bought my H2X used. A 2007. The Propeller bearings, NOT the motor bearings, were just toast--gravelly and grinding sounding. I figured out how to replace them and the water seal that had allowed them to get rusted, for far less than $100 Master spas wanted $500 or so, for a new shaft. You can contact me to get a parts list if you go this route. You will need someone with a small hydraulic press.
  5. I own an H2X. Bought it used. My wife swims in it regularly. We thought the Endless Pool propulsion system provided her the easiest to swim in wave, compared to the H2X or a Swimex, but a used H2X came on the market and we picked it up for $15K 1.5 years ago. check out this thread to see what I have done to improve it's performance. http://www.poolspaforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=45695
  6. yippee. I remember our first bill heating the tub using electricity twice in one month from cold to hot (we had to drain it and re-heat it) and heating the the swim spa for the first time, was like $750!! I finally have the results of heating both the hot tub and swim spa on gas alone for one entire month of billing. Also, some home improvements to help with insulation and lower gas usage were in place during the entire cycle.. total bill $287. previous month $425 (and the hot tub was on gas for half that month, but swim spa was on electricity) the $425 bill was less than the month
  7. cant agree with Dan the Spa man, sorry. I own an 2007 H2X with a steel frame. It weighs 2000 pounds or so, dry. It also leaks. It would be falling apart and un-moveable by now if it had a lumber frame. I have an older wood frame optima which has had a ferw owners and been moved a bunch. After sitting at our house for almost 2 years and leaking a bunch, I just moved a bit and I am sure I cannot move it anymore unless it is to the junk yard. The frame is pretty rotten. A used H2X is a good solution for what you want. It has an OK (surely not great) propulsion system, but works as a fantasti
  8. try Mcmaster-Carr (for basic parts and doo-dads to make your controller) , but also search on any European controller solutions for home water heating using solar. They have tons of innovative and unusual controllers like this.
  9. I had a rather prominent scum line on my 3000 gallon swim spa. I simply reasoned: I use muriatic acid in the spa to equalize pH, why not a small amount in a bowl to break down the scum? I used gloves and goggles and it came right off with a scotchbrite sponge. Used Muriatic acid and steel wool on some rust on teh acrylic surface as well, also worked great. No fears of leaving a chemical that might suds up in the spa.
  10. My solution to expensive ownership is split into a few things: 1] only buy used. No spa is worth what you pay for it new. And if you buy used for a low price and do some repairs yourself you should never exceed the price of a new one. I mean, buy an $8000 spa--but buy it used, and several years old, for $2000- $1500 or so, not barely used, for $6000. That's too new, and too much money for a money pit. Don't pay more than 20% of the original price. Spas hold up better than you might imagine, the shell, the jet motors, the control board, even the heating element. And if you can buy them and r
  11. i have an old used 1998 Sundance optima. it has one very very low seat for me --6'5" --and my wife likes the remaining three seats at 5'4" for her. the platform by the controls would qualify as a booster seat. not low in the water at all. but, i would gladly look into the other spas these folks mention once my used old spa leaks its last leak and i move on to yet another very cheap, used spa. i mention mine because around here they are so common as a used spa.
  12. A little history.When my wife and I shopped for a swim spa in 2012, she swam in a Swimex and a newer Endless Pool finberglass series with a Fastlane hanging in it from one end. After reading what I have about Swimex, I was surprised to find she found the sweet spot and could swim longer and more effortlessly in the Endless Pool. Once I looked into the massive size of the propeller on an Endless pool (about 16") and the way they groom the water to reduce turbulence, I understood why it would be a good experience. Unfortunately, the newer fiberglass Endless pools were not available used and the
  13. Have not tried the heavy duty pipe insulation yet. Spent the last coupla weekends plumbing the 3000 gallon H2X swim spa to the same DWH. The H2X has it's own pump and heat exchanger. The Bradford White DWH is keeping up just fine with one hot tub at 103*F and one swim spa at 88*F. for the techs: the only larger exchanger available was 88 BTU/hr sizing, not in the 70K range as we discussed. I went with 88K and it's working just fine. Pump is a 3-speed 26 series Grundfos. I thought a 3-speed 15 series was possibly too limiting in GPM. I started with the DWH heater at full blast to get it he
  14. For those of you on the Hot Tub forum as well, this may look familiar. Posting this in case it helps anyone else getting killed by their electric bills. I keep the swim spa at 88*F all year long and the hot tub around 103*F all year long. I will say up front, this may or may not be to code in your area. the workings in the swim spa itself the workings around the water heater in the barn next to the swim spa and hot tub.
  15. Do you have this hooked up to a GFCI like they say to do? My H2X would always cut out and not run the motor until I took it off. A contractor pal of mine who is also an electrician said his home water fresh water well tank pump would do the same thing. The starting and stopping of the motor can trip the GFCI.
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