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  1. Thanks Spa Savant I had placed Dielectric grease on the 3 probes at connector Removed some of the grease All is in working order Now! Can an abundance of dielectric grease cause such a phenomenon? LO indicator is no longer flashing Thanks Again. Respectfully Todd
  2. Hello On Nov 28th 2013 I noted LO indicator flashing on my Chlorinator Controller. Setting was at 20% Performed Chemistry, Chlorine was off the charts, heavy yellow Ph was high Total alkalinity 70 Salinity 3.4 Temp 47 degrees Prior to removal from service Flow Salinity Temp sensors working properly Removed from service Scale build up on probes was observed Cleaned chlorinator using mix of water and muriatic acid Returned to service LO indicator continues to flash. All sensor points operating normally Flow and Cell Reversing lights are On LO continues to flash Increased Chlorination to 70% No activity of Chlorinator was noted > No Cell ON indication was created by % increase in chlorine production rate Turned Power off to controller, waited 5 minutes Returned to service LO continues to flash and all sensors active. Cell Reversing light on constantly Thanks for your assistance. Todd
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