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  1. I hate that little mesh basket that sits on snorkel above the grid manifold. It's always getting clogged and tearing, then letting unfiltered water enter the manifold. Why is it there? When the pump is running and the filter is in "filtering" mode, there would be suction on that outlet. So if there was air in the filter, it would be sent back in to the pool via the returns. The only time air could escape from this outlet would be when the pump is not running or the filter is in backwash mode. In either case, I do not see why it is important. Please help me understand so I don't just plug it!
  2. The title nails it. I need to replace my grids and have done once or twice already in the last 8 years. Do I have to backwash the filter before I take it apart? I think that would just be a waste of water.
  3. I agree with DrSpa, a single sheet, or 2-piece hinged sheet of plywood would give you the protection you need. Yes, it's one more thing to remove when ready to enjoy your spa but would save a ton of cash.
  4. Sorry for the super late up date but I had my sister and oldest daughter stand ready with BB guns as my brother-in-law and I lifted the tub. The boxer was on high alert too and he gets those bastards if he ever has the chance. We encountered no mice just a huge mess, it was awful. But methodically we got it cleaned up. If you didn't know, I am both a stock broker and a steel fabricator (because those 2 are so closely related- right?) and so I took some spare expanded sheet metal from another project and made custom "grates" for the round corners of the tub base. I'm happy to report that 9 months later- we're feces free!
  5. The heater arrived just in time as my mom will house sit for us as we go on a week long vacation and she was looking forward to using the tub. I swapped it out in 20-30 minutes and the worst of it was cleaning the old o-ring gaskets out of the fittings as they just wanted to crumble. I coated the new o-rings in pool and spa lube that I use on the pool pump and we're heating now! Dr. Spa- you are a splendid human being, thank you!
  6. I bought this one from Amazon, I'd say worth it's weight in gold! http://amzn.com/B007XE8CQU Here is my review on Amazon: 4.0 out of 5 starsI gambled on this unit and glad I did ByPhoenixWinchon June 4, 2015 Verified Purchase I gambled on this unit and glad I did. It's been operating in my hot tub for over 30 days now in 100+ degree daily temps in Phoenix, AZ and is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. We've been super busy with all kinds of projects and events that I hadn't checked on the water condition in weeks. I pulled back the cover and the water looked great and had no odor. I would suggest you try this one if you need one. Not giving it 5 starts until I can verify it works properly for a year or more.
  7. Most excellent, thank you for the response, I've re-ordered the heater.
  8. I cancelled the order, was hoping to get an opinion before I commit to it, is the board malfunctioning?
  9. I was chatting with a trusted local pool supply about hot tub chemicals and we came to the conclusion that relying on the ozone generator, draining and refilling several times a year will cost less than buying chemicals. My water has done fine using this method. If the water starts to get a little dim, I add what I call, a "crack rock" of chlorine and this usually brightens it right up until the next drain / refill.
  10. I just ordered the heater but I'm really concerned about what I'm registering here. The pump is NOT on, one of the terminal outputs from the circuit board is putting out 120V and the other is not. Is there supposed to be any voltage on one of these terminals when the spa is in economy mode and pump is not running? Could this be a circuit board issue instead? I know it may be difficult to see, the positive (red) probe is on the left stud on the circuit board. The copper connecting plates are NOT connected to the heating element.
  11. good points, thank you. I'll do just a little more testing but will likely order a new heater. that really sucks because I got this spa for free from Craigslist and have only had to replace some small, inexpensive parts so far that being said I found no continuity between the terminals and ground, maybe you're saying the short could be so small it wouldn't register under continuity?
  12. ah well, turns out the heater is tripping it, why would that sucker up and die over nothing??? I followed the testing steps from this and it checks out so I'm surprised it's still trippin http://www.spadepot.com/spacyclopedia/spa-heater-element.htm The coil is good and there is no short to ground, however I do not know where the thermostat or high temp shut off are the board is Balboa 54344
  13. My tub has been running great for months. I shut it down this morning, drained it to the opposite side of the yard. I filled it back up and turned it on, it started the priming cycle. I set the temp and walked away, came to check a few hours later and its dead. The breaker is tripping immediately. I panicked and bought a new breaker ($100) but this one trips immediately too. I disconnected the motors but it still trips. I then went in and disconnected everything but one at a time and it still trips. What the heck happened?? It's a KeysBackyard with Balboa circuitry.
  14. well I ordered this replacement jet: http://amzn.com/B003VW21A6 and this ozone generator last night: http://amzn.com/B007XE8CQU
  15. are you only considering new? I can understand why you would but I scored mine for free on Craigslist and for free it was in amazing shape, we just scored another one for free for my sister which isn't in as good of shape but with a little elbow grease and likely less than $200 it should be great, that being said there are many out there in perfect working order for less than $1,000, that may not be your style but it would sure save you some $$$
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