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  1. Hi All, looking for some more help on spa repair. Thanks to this forum I got my tub working! It's awesome, and I love that all the parts are available online. My problem is that my control head works just fine, but the LCD display went bad. This is not ideal as I can't see the set temperature or any other read outs. The replacement control head is $263, but I'm hoping there is a way to just replace the LCD. Anyone done that before or know how? Seems like a waste to replace an entire control head (the front controls, not the whole iq2000 boad that is inside) when the LCD probably only costs $40
  2. Wonderful, that's what I thought. Gonna go hook it up with the electrician now, it doesn't have power yet. Hopefully I won't be back with more problems. Happy thanksgiving and thanks for the information.
  3. Awesome! Thank you, Does it matter which cable is on which pin, I.e white or black? Thanks so much.
  4. Ok, I found a drawing that shows the thermistors connect to P5 on the motherboard, partial success! What I'm looking for now is which wire connects to which pin, anyone able to look at their box and let me know? Both thermistor connect to p5, there are four pins and four wires, please help me match them up. Thanks
  5. Hi, Tomgobravo, thanks for the info. I'll try to hook it up, but I don't know which pins to use. I have a picture of the control board, it's not labeled, do you know if the 2020 thermistors connect the same way to the motherboard?
  6. I see some of you were able to determine the pin outs for some of the cables. Maybe you can help me? I have an IQ2000 and believe it or not, but after it was moved and hopefully disconnected a dog thought the hanging cables would be fun to chew on and pull out. He pulled out the thermistor and hi limits clear off the IQ2000 where the like white adapters are on the side of the box. Unfortunately that stripped the cable that connects to the motherboard and before I reconnect it I need to know the pin out and and which thermistor connects where on the board. Anyone have any clue? Thanks
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