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  1. Thank you for replying.... I actually already have solar panels / heating, but I was looking for something to possibly heat during the cooler months since solar isn't enough during that time.
  2. Hello, After performing a quick online search for a 'propane pool heater', a number of options came back that ranged between $1100 and $2000! To me this seems quite expensive considering the price of most consumer goods has come way down in price over the years. I was wondering if anyone knows about, or has seen any type of economical homemade, or DYI propane pool heater? I currently have a 10,000 gallon, in-ground pool (salt) and I'm investigating whether or not there are any type of DYI propane based pool heaters (or any other inexpensive fuel source). It seems like there should definitely be some type of solution out there and it could be something as simple as a heating element that sits in the water (protected of course) and is heated by the propane vs something that pumps the water and recirculates it through in internal element which is what I assume these devices I found online are doing. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks Chem Geek.... I will read up on 'Bromine for Beginners'.
  4. Hi, thanks for the quick reply. Here are the answers to your questions: - 500 gallons (1999 Watkins Grandee Model G) - Yes, it does look like there is ozonator - I didn't see any specific controls for ozone (it is older - 1999) - As far as usage goes, it would only by myself and maybe 1 or 2 more people on occasion o This would only be used once or twice a week and could even be a couple of weeks between usage o Typically I'm guessing the soak time would be 30 minutes per session Thanks
  5. Hello, I am a first time hot tub owner and I'm in the process of having my electrical contractor come out to my home and complete the electrical connections to my HotSpring Grandee Hot Tub which I have 'inherited' from my neighbor while he is renting. I have a question namely about chemicals and maintaining the water. There is lots of information on the net about how to maintain and treat the water with different chemicals. Does anyone have a suggestion about what chemicals to purchase (maybe ones that aren't so harsh to the body and swimming suit?) and testing equipment? I'm very new to this and the subject and I'm looking for any information that will help me out. I'm sure Amazon.com probably has everything I need, but I need help navigating the process. Thanks in advance!
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