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  1. Thanks Apollo! Do you know why Marquis doesn't have the 24 hour circ pump? The other two do, and the Jacuzzi has the resin bottom (though I'm not sure how big of an issue rot generally is).
  2. Hello! We are buying our first hot tub and are considering three models: the Marquis Reward, the Artesian Antigua and the Jacuzzi 355. So far we've wet tested the Artesian, and my 5'2 self could not stay put in the lounge. The salesman suggested I turn off some of the leg jets to fix it, which seems to defeat the purpose. Price is around $8,100 out the door with steps and a cover lift. The Jacuzzi dealer doesn't have a lounge model filled to wet test (the two they have filled have regular seats), but the salesman doesn't think I'll have a problem in the lounger because of how deep the butt sits compared to how high the legs go. Price is around $8,200 out the door with steps and a cover lift. The Reward is one of the dealer's last two Marquis models left. We haven't been to the dealer yet to see it (so not sure if we can wet test yet), but it's around $8,600 out the door with steps, no cover lift. I'm worried about buying something with a lounge that we can't wet test in case I can't stay put in it. Anyone have these that can speak to this? Also open to other models that address this concern. Any thoughts on the pricing? Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and new to hot tub buying, so please be gentle. ;-) My husband and I are shopping for our first hot tub. We initially wanted a 2-3 person model because it will really only be the two of us using it, but I wanted a lot of jets so we're also considering a larger (maybe 4 or 5) person model as it may actually be cheaper. Our big needs use is for hydrotherapy, so we want something with lots of powerful jets. Neck jets are a must. We're looking at a few models - some Hot Springs that our local dealer has in stock, and an Arctic we'd have to order from the factory, as we don't have a local Arctic dealer. I was put off by this at first since we can't wet test it, but if we order from the dealer we don't have to pay sales tax (delivery might be $600, but if we time the order right they can send it with others headed to our neck of the woods for less or possibly nothing.) Score. Since we wanted a small tub, the local dealer quoted us $4,199 on a Hot Springs SX. I think the Hotsprings Jetsetter might be more what we want in features, but I haven't received a price on it yet. The Arctic Fox Prestige starts at $5,950, and after we add in an extra $2,160 for Peak 1 and 2 filtration and Onzen Salt Water Filtration (is Onzen worth it? Really?) we come to $6,750. Totally doable, but I'm not sure those are enough jets? The Arctic Fox Signature starts at $8,075, and adding in for the extras comes to $10,235, which seems high for a small tub. The Arctic Frontier seats 6, and the Prestige starts at $6,800. It looks like we'd only have to add Peak 2, so only $800, totalling $7,600. The Legend starts at $10,625 (LOVE the jets on this), and adding Peak 2 brings it to $11,425. I guess I'm looking for some feedback about what we should be looking for. We only need a small tub, but want it fairly loaded, so are there other models we should be looking at? We live in the Chicago suburbs and have lots of options near us (except Bullfrog, weirdly), but I don't have a ton of time to spend looking when I have no idea what's worth checking out or not. Any help you have would be appreciated. :-) Also, what are the costs associated with getting the 240V outlet installed? Has anyone stabilized a deck to support a tub? If so, how much did that cost? I know there will be a range based on the size of our deck, wood type, etc, but are we talking around $500 or $2,000? Thanks in advance for your help!
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