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  1. Still not convinced from these and other (more critical) tables that silicone is a suitable material. Looks like Viton is a better option and looks to be easy to source.
  2. Does anyone know how bleach will affect silicone? There are conflicting chemical resistance charts online - what would be a suitable substitute for flexible tubing (to run through a peristaltic pump) - if silicone is severely affected by bleach?
  3. Found it! (I missed this post when I looked through the forum the first time). Here is the recommended dosage: 10 fluid ounces of 3% hydrogen peroxide would reduce the FC by 10 ppm in 500 gallons.
  4. Poured too much bleach into the spa after a soak and it is reading 20ppm. Nothing on the pool calculator about lowering chlorine but I think I remember reading something about adding hydrogen peroxide? Anyway - does anyone know the chemical and can provide a volume to ppm ratio? Thanks!
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