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  1. I'm sorry, I did not intend to wash the filters with bleach. I have a filter cleaner that I will use at some point. How long can I let them go before using the cleaner? I have not used any bleach as in a shock application. The water has stayed balanced. Should I be using the bleach to shock even though the water is balanced?
  2. I have a 2010 Hot Springs Vanguard tub that this forum helped me set up. Thank you. I love my hot tub. I/ we (the wife and I) use it 4-5 days a week. Mostly just me. It will be two months tomorrow. I am using the Bromine System. It has been very easy. I knew nothing coming in. I am using the Taylor K-2106 to monitor my waters health. I have clear water, no smell and no foaming problems. I have not had any skin problems that I've suffered with public pools. I have added only an ounce or two of bleach over a month ago. Very minor adjustments only a couple of times with baking soda and/or muriatic acid. This particular model has five filters in the filter well. One primary and the others appear to be just soldiers. Today I went to clean the filters and found them very clean. All had some very minor particulates and the primary had some discolor at the bottom. I gave them all a hot water rinse. they all look very clean (white) including the primary which I rotated out to a secondary position. I chose not to use the filter cleaner I had. I was afraid it might introduce a foaming problem. Would you insist I use the filter cleaner? Should I use some bleach just because?
  3. Chem geek, I have a bromine tub based on 3 step bromine. It's really easy and my water is clear and low maintenance. pH has been good, it spike after use but the next day is 7.6-7.8, and TA 50-70. Ozonator is working overtime. I am at the end of week one and had to add just three tablespoons of bleach to adjust bromine to 5-6. I added tabs to the floater and the bromine level spiked to over 11 and had to remove the floater and leave the tub open for an hour and a half to get it under 10. If my bromine levels are consistent I should not add bleach to shock? Is that correct? And we are using the tub daily. Is bromine ok for frequent/daily use? Does this thread imply that chlorine is better for frequent use? It will for the most part be just the two of us but will it be safe before and after guests? I have the Taylor K-2106 test kit I've been using daily. Still learning, Jim
  4. Yeah I only needed to add a few tablespoons of bleach to bring the bromine level up 4.5 ppm. Thanks chem geek. I'm gettin there.
  5. Thank you Mr. Wizard. It sounds like I should skip the borates and just continue to adjust with muriatic acid according to the pool calculator and the occasional dose of baking soda. It really is a very small amount of muriatic acid but I'll need to adjust every time we go in as we do like the aeration action. I think I'd rather use less chemicals. Is there any reason to switch to dry acid? It's very interesting how the bather load uses up the available bromine. My grandson, the wife and I went in with the bromine level at 4.5 and a test after showed barely 2 ppm. Hopefully the bromine floater and the ozonator will help recovery before tomorrow. Even the few tablespoons of bleach stinks it up.
  6. BradS1, The info on not using muriatic acid to control pH and not using floating type sanitation systems in the Vanguard is found on page 56 of the owners manual. I stumbled on it reading up on my clogged ozonator. Replaced backflow check valve and now works perfect. Awesome tub. I have followed the water balance info found here and the 3 step bromine system. I have the Taylor K-2106 test kit and could not have done without it. Mr. Wizard, My water is crystal clear and no smell. But after we go in the pH spikes and stays until the next day. 7.4 when we go in 8+ the next day. I adjust with a small amount of muriatic acid according to the pool calculator. Without aeration the pH comes right down in a few minutes. Should I try Boric acid, 50ppm borates? I'd rather not but winter snow and ice are coming. If there is a way to lock it in then I'll try.
  7. The ozonator is working nicely. So all I think I need to do is test, adjust and shock weekly like I did to start.?
  8. Yes I did mean pH lock. Someone had mentioned 'Gentle Spa' specifically. I'm going in tomorrow first time. Me and the crazy broad. 35 years of marriage. pH is 7.6 and TA is 5.5- 6. The test goes from green to clear/blue/what color is that, on five, to red on 6. Bromine was at 9 today after taking the floater out last night. It's in there now closed down. What should I do to sanitize after using it tomorrow? I'm guessing pH will probably go up. Please stay with me
  9. Thank you very much. I also saw somewhere about a Ph block that makes the water feel silky. Is that for me and when would I use that?
  10. Yes i did put in 2oz of sodium bromide. I printed off and tried following nitros 'spa balance' and '3 step bromine system'. The floater is in there now half full of tabs. So I should add a bit more acid to bring the Ph down? Don't i need to aerate to mix the acid in? What about while in the tub? Is the Ph rising while soaking? First time don't know. People at the stores are not very approachable. I'm not buying much. I'm getting everything here and there is so much info. I'm trying
  11. so I finally got the Ph down to 7.2 with the TA at 80. I was so happy. I added the requisite amount of 6% bleach to oxidize the sodium bromide. Aerated for about 45 minutes and TA is now at 6+ and the Ph is a solid 8. Bromine level is a solid 5. To complicate my frustration i read in the hot springs owners manual to never use muriatic acid, no household bleach and no floater type sanitation systems in their tub. My water is crystal clear with no smell and very inviting. What should I do next cause I don't know anymore. Someone please talk me off the ledge here.
  12. i guess i'm really wondering how much acid i can safely add to my 400 gallon hot springs vanguard tub?
  13. Added the calcium to 60 ppm no problem. Added baking soda to get TA to 130 no problem. Ph is off the scale. Added 3 or 4 ounces of muriatic acid to bring it to 7.4. TA dropped to 30. added baking soda per poolcalculator. TA came back 100 but Ph went off the scale. Added 5 ounces of acid or more this morning and still off the scale of my Taylor 2106. Please help. Jim
  14. Thanks Wizard. I am now thinking Waterbears 3 step Bromine system looks pretty easy. And I got a bunch of Brominating tabs with the purchase. Just ordered the Taylor K-2106 test kit. New filters. The electrician may be by this afternoon. I'm shooting from the hip. I'm glad you guys are here. The guy at the store said "don't talk to those guys on line". I'm gonna follow your instructions the best I can. Thanks, Jim
  15. Moving forward I think I'll use Nitros decontamination and his dichlor/bleach method. His writing is very informative. And his writing on 'approach to water balance' was like a quantum leap for me. Still no hands on experience but I hope it will be set up today.
  16. Help! New to the site and hot tubs. In fact it's not even set up yet. Hopefully tomorrow. All the chemicals talk has my head spinning. And it's like talking another language. I'm confident I'll get through the learning curve. My concerns come from going in hut tubs on vacations I always have a reaction on my hands. some sort of weird hand eczema. Leave it to me. Research has turned up this post. (We saw similar things in our family (history of eczema) when we started with bromine as well. I'm not familiar with lithium hypochlorite but we found that when we switched to dichlor and add it to the water AFTER we get out of the tub then things got much better. The problem with bromine was that there was always sanitizer in the water that we were reacting too. By using dichlor at night then by the next day when we go in the tub again there's pretty much no chlorine left in the water. This has made a huge difference for us. I'm not sure how you are using the lithium stuff but if it's a constant feed of sanitizer then you migh want to consider trying dichlor and only dose after you get out. 2 tsp of dichlor after each use and shock once a week with dichlor as well. If it's a bit cloudy and we have people coming over I'll give it a shot of MPS and it usually clears it up quick enough and it doesn't put the chlorine levels through the roof and we can still go in later in the day. Only other thing I need to do is raise the ph and alk every couple of weeks as they tend to drop. Also give it shot of Defender every week or two as well. That's my routine in a nutshell...) Please let me know if you think this might work for me and please feel free to elaborate. Or another system if you think there is something else. A no brainer system could work well for me. We bought a used 2010 Hot Springs Vanguard. The tub has been empty for about 3 weeks. Is Nitros decontamination guide still the way to go? Some of the purge products I've read about take a week. His takes just a couple days.
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