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  1. mr crown- are you out there?  You have been MIA for a month.



  2. Pool Clown- Long time since you saved me hundreds of dollars.  Crazy times!  I am an ICU nurse here in San Diego and the crazy is real.  Hopefully we are on the back end of the medical part of the crisis.  The financial part will be even more extreme.

    My 2 issues- aquapure 1400 system reading 1500 ppm salt.  no way possible.  I even dumped a 40lb bag in, next day still at 1500 ppm.  I cleaned the sensor and the generator.  still reading low salt.  Any insight?

    2nd issue- while all of this is going on, my control panel led screen went blank. Now I can't see codes or anything for that matter.  I do have a inside the house aqualink control screen in the house but it doesn't read codes and things like that.  are the led screens fixable/changable?

    thanks for your time.


    1. Pool Clown

      Pool Clown

      Unfortunately, to get the LCD working again requires a front board replacement. Although that board connects to the other "main" board via a ribbon cable, you may check that first. Have the LED lights gone dark as well? 

      Having said that the fix is a replacement, i would not spend the money on that unit. Perhaps budget for an ic40, and manually chlorinate for now.  I know its probably not what you want to hear, but those units have long lost their appeal, for me anyway.  Consider how much you have put into the unit over the years.  Now a days, i dont even repair them because i cannot guarantee that they wont have another issue as soon as i leave!

    2. Hughescorp


      any insight on the first issue?  the salt reading jumps back and forth from 1500 to 0.  I even replaced the cell and sensor. same issue.


    3. Pool Clown

      Pool Clown

      First issue:

      Rule #1 When the unit says you are low on salt, get a second opinion. Usually, you are not low on salt.  

      Salt does not evaporate, and the only way to loose salt is if you loose water form the pool (Not evaporation). That can be a leak, or it can be from overflowing (rain or overfilling), or it can be from too many cannon balls. Weather you decide to fix this unit, or buy a new one, always have the water checked through a third party (pool store) first before you start adding salt. 

      Salt level that jumps from 1500 to 0 is a new one to me.  The sensor plugs into the front board so, start there?  But please, dont.  There are basically 4 components to that unit.  front board, back board, cell and flow sensor.  You have already re-purchased half that unit again, and a new front board is probably at least a couple hundred with no guarantee that will fix the issue.  I would cut my losses before spending any more on this unit.

      My best advice is, again, budget for a new, different unit. 

      I apologize if i come off a bit snarky, it is not my intention.  

  3. I have no chlorine production, error code 120. Cleaned the cell shiny, no change. Cleaned the filter, super white, no change. I tried a reverse installation of the cell, it read 121 error code. Checked the connections, all good. Any insight before I drop another $500-600 for a new cell?
  4. My salt sensor has always read a little higher than tested. (approx 400-500 over the tested value). no problem, just added extra salt when needed. Just this weekend my sensor went from reading 3200-3400 to 25500. I cleaned the sensor with a soft dish scrubber (no obvious visible scale at first glance). still reading 25500. Any suggestions?
  5. Yes, during the 6 hour cycle I have it set for. I run my pump for 6 hours, (switching to 8 soon), it is on a auto program set daily 8am-2pm. It was cutting out after about an hour. TheN about a hour later kicked back on. This repeats for about 3 times during the program. Update: as of 6-15 now the pump will not even fire up. My Aqua link shows the program is on, no motor on, no filtering. Help me, I'm turning green! I'm guessing it's a bad pump motor but I'm just a guy with mild to moderate common sense. The leaky filter gasket issue is resolved, I cleaned my filters and got a new gasket
  6. My filter pump keeps cutting out after about 45 minutes of running. It's not obviously overheating. When I let it rest for a couple hours it turns back on then repeats the same cycle. Any insight? I have a starite system 3 filter with an aquapure salt system. No other issues except for a leaky gasket on the filter.
  7. My filter pump stops running mid program. I have a 6-8 hour program set that stops running about half way through the programmed filter pump cycle. It will restart after an hour or two spontaneously. Even with turning off the pump, then restarting it, it will not run. It make the audible noise from the controller announcing cycle started. About two months ago my son pulled the vacuum out of the pool while filter pump running and left it out for a period of time. It was not producing suction. Once colored it began to work again. Could this break in pump function be related to overheating? It wo
  8. My thermo reg was badly corroded, simple change out. $40 or so on amazon. Fired right up. Check out POOL CLOWN responses to heater issues. Pretty insightful.
  9. Blower always works it just won't fire up today. Last night it would fire up, heat, then trip into service heater. Today it won't even fire up. Blower on then after a minute of the heating led blinking it lights up the service heater. ?
  10. I am having the same problem, specifically "service heater". What's the next step? Where would service codes display? Help? I wanted to sit in the spa between football games but not with water temp at 58 and I'm in San Diego.
  11. Different topic but I need you wisdom OB1, I ordered new cartridges for my starite s8m150. The parts listed were the smaller 25022-0201s and 25021-0200s. I specifically asked if they would work in my case or do I have to look elsewhere for the larger cartridges. They said it will work just smaller surface area. When installing I noticed the larger cartridge seats on the inlet hole but does not rest on the filter bottom. It just floats sitting only on the inlet hole. Is this a problem or will it be fine once water has been refilled in the filter? Help?
  12. new style cell is on the way, $535 delivered! install questions. they claim i can insert a lid in the sensor port and continue using my current sensor until it dies out. do you recommend this? will the new cell fit in the old plumbing? or do i have to replumb the immediate area? im ignorant to pool plumbing, how do i release the glue on the old unions or do i have to cut back and replumb? thanks
  13. can you just tell my cheap butt to buy the new cell so i can feel good about my due diligence? just kidding. thanks so much for your help. you are a great resource for everyone. i have read several of your responses and found your input to be genuine, honest and ridiculously helpful.
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