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  1. Ah yes...the good, old "buy American" posts. It sounds like a noble cause, but I always ask the "buy American" crowd what kind of TV's they have in their house, or which manufacturer made their cell phone. Oh, and for he record, I own a Marquis tub (I'm told one of the few brands built in our country).
  2. Sure, I can use Bromine, but I'd prefer not to. I've decided to just roll with the chlorine. My brief reading here has indicated to me that those using chlorine seem to have fewer water issues and it seems to be for more simplistic (and I'm all about simplicity). Not, to mention, I'm already used to using chlorine on my pool, so I'm hoping that will assist me with the learning curve. The interesting thing is that I did take the time to read the Marquis manual that came with my tub, and they seem to indicate Bromine or Chlorine are both okay, which surprised me a bit, as I thought all hot tub manufacturers would recommend Bromine only.
  3. Thank you again Chem Geek. Always very helpful information. Now...you just raised another question. Isn't calcium chloride the rock salt I use to melt the ice on my driveway in the Winter, or am I mistaken?
  4. Wow. You know your stuff. Thank you for being so willing to assist some of us dopes I assume "CH" is calcium hardness(if so, what chemical controls that level)? Another question I have is about the ozonator. I've connected the dots that the ozonator creates more of a chlorine demand. I assume there must be some great benefit to using an ozonator to make the chlorine demand worth it? I have a Marquis Tub, which is their top of the line model ("The Show"), so I know that it's definitely equipped with an ozonator. I'm just trying to get a sense of why I should (or should not be) using it and what exactly its benefit is. Is there any downside to not using it? I assume it has an independent control to turn on and off? I apologize for the questions. I'm just new to the whole hot tub thing, and trying to educate myself, as much as I can. Thank you again for the willingness to assist. John
  5. I'm as new as you are, but can tell you that TA = Total Alkalinity. I too wish I had a "cheat sheet" of some sort to simply tell me what my chlorine, alkalinity and PH should be. That would make life much easier
  6. Good Morning All... I'm still wrapping my brain around getting my chemicals right in my new tub. I thought I read somewhere on this board that my chlorine level should be about 1 or 2ppm at the time I take a soak in the tub. Is that accurate? If it's higher than that, is it dangerous to use the tub? Is there an optimal free chlorine level that I should be aiming to keep that tub at when I'm not using it? Is there a quick "cheat sheet" that I can refer to somewhere on this site that shows what my ideal chlorine, alkalinity, and PH (and by all means...anything else that I'm overlooking here)levels should be? I'm trying to keep things as simple as I can. Any and all feedback is most appreciated. John
  7. Glad to hear that the water doesn't become less "safe" with those lower temperatures. I've been in hot tubs in the past and always found the water to be far too hot (yes, I do know that they're called "hot" tubs). 90 may be a bit too "chilly" for the Mrs. on those cold New England nights, so we'll see how it goes. I appreciate all the great feedback. I have a whole lot to learn so am most grateful to have found this site.
  8. Good to know, Chem Geek. Thank you. My angle was more of comfort, than saving money, but it's great to know that the lower temperature will actually result in savings on chemicals as well. That's a nice added benefit.
  9. Good Morning... I recently purchased a Marquis Hot Tub (The Show model) and I plan on using Dichlor/Bleach as my sanitization method. Will this affect my warranty? I assume that Marquis (and probably most manufacturers) recommend bromine or their own proprietary salt water systems. This was a fairly pricey tub, so I don't want to run into an issue and then be told that because I didn't follow the manufacturer's specs, that I'm on my own. Any and all feedback is appreciated. John
  10. Good Evening All... I recently took delivery of a new Marquis Tub, and plan on filling it sometime this week. I wanted to get some feedback on the "right" temperature for the water. I know the default on most tubs is in the 104 degree range, which is WAY too hot for me and my skin! I plan on keeping the tub at 90 degrees during the Winter months and 80 degrees during the Summer months (not sure why anyone would want 104 degrees in July). This is my very first hot tub, so I'm not sure if keeping the water at a temperature lower than the "standard" has any implications that I'm not aware of (aside from keeping the electric bill a bit lower). Any and all feedback is most appreciated. John
  11. This is helpful. Thank you. I'm beginning to feel slightly less stressed and may actually fill this tub in the next week. A couple of more questions. I've read that bleach needs to be added every day using this method. Is there a formula to follow for how much bleach I should be using each day (and for the sake of this question...I'm referring to days that nobody is using the tub)? I'm just trying to figure out if I need one cup of bleach per day, assuming no use, or what the system is.
  12. The more reading I do, the more I'm leaning toward just treating it the way I treat my pool (chemically speaking). Dopey question, but is Dichlor simply the chlorine pucks that I buy at Costco? I'm not a chemical expert, so I just want to ensure that my assumption is correct. I realize the liquid Clorox I purchase doesn't have Dichlor. Do all chlorine pucks have Dichlor? Just want to ensure I'm on the right path here and purchasing the correct stuff. Also, if I'm going to use chlorine and not bromine (which is what I'm going to do), do I still use the blue mineral cartridges that my dealer gave me? I think he said they had to be replaced every couple of weeks (please tell me that isn't accurate)? He gave me a couple of the "Spa Frog" packages that were blue. Is there a better option for this? I apologize for the elementary questions, but I really don't know where to begin and want to try to get it right the first time I fill the tub. Thank you for any and all feedback. John
  13. Good Morning... I just accepted delivery of a brand new Marquis spa (the model is "The Show"). Very nice tub, from what I can tell. That said, I just got it wired and haven't even put water into it yet, as I'm trying to wrap my head around the correct sanitization option. I do have an inground pool and always have had one, so water chemistry issues aren't new. That said, I've always used basic Clorox Bleach, Borax, and baking soda to keep my pool water in line and have never had a single issue with my pool water. I have tried reading some of the pinned threads, and maybe I'm just not bright enough to figure them out, but it seems like I need to study for an exam (that I would have no shot of passing) to read through these threads. I do realize that a hot tub carries far less water than my 18X36 inground pool, so perhaps it just can't be as simple. Having said that, I want to enjoy my hot tub (safely, of course), but not spend countless hours on figuring out water chemistry issues. Is there a "hot tub for dummies" book out there somewhere? Help! John
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